Radar accessories

Boat radars make navigation safer. Installing a radar system on your boat is no longer complicated. Once you've chosen your radar system, a power supply and a network cable are all you need to connect it. However, other accessories can be useful to make installation easier or to make changes to damaged parts. Comptoir Nautique offers a wide selection of power cables, radome mast supports, modular boards and radar converters.

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Accessoire radar cable

The radar, a safety system

The radar system is necessary to know and capture the fixed or moving elements that evolve around the boat during navigation. This equipment allows to avoid collisions or obstacles, to position and to know the speed of movement of the ship.

Day or night, the radar is practical and secures the crew, the professional or amateur sailor. The detection system works by sending and receiving radio waves. To function properly or to be installed on board, the radar needs some components and accessories like antenna, motor, transceiver, processing unit, display screen and control unit. Motorboats or sailboats can be equipped with a bracket to attach the radome, and the cables are also part of the system and necessary for proper operation.

Various radar accessories

The most important brands of boat products and marine electronics have designed radar accessories. Find on Comptoir Nautique products from Raymarine, Lowrance, Seaview, among others. Furuno offers power cables and radar ethernet cables. Simrad offers radar cables in a variety of lengths. Its antenna connection cables are suitable for 3G or 4G. Accessories such as a converter or adapter cable allow you to keep your old radar cable when installing a more modern device. Raymarine has data cables, power cables, radar antenna cables and antenna cable extensions. 

Among the mast mounts or radome mounts, the electronics specialists adapt so that the radar system can be properly mounted on a sailboat or motorboat. Radar mounts for sailboats are adaptable to most masts. Sailboats or catamarans can attach the radar antenna to the mast by playing with the pivoting legs of the accessory. Adapters are available in case the mast is too wide. 

Installing a radar system on a motorboat requires some special features. Stands, modular brackets and plates become useful additional accessories. They save space and can be coupled with other accessories. The modular plate adapts to the beam radars and radomes. According to your installation, choose the adequate and specific accessory for your electronics. 

For the most effective radar, don't forget the accessories! 

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