Deck equipment

For vessels of all sizes, fittings are important to equip your boat for maneuvering or simply to improve your comfort on board. From portholes to deck hatches and accessories such as mosquito nets and insulated boat curtains, not forgetting aeration equipment such as air hoses and dorade boxes, but also everything that makes navigation on board a boat easier, such as winches and cranks, everything sailors need to equip the deck of a sailboat or ship. Find on Comptoir Nautique all deck fittings and equipment at the best prices. Comptoir Nautique is a range of deck equipment that includes openings of all kinds, glass, stainless steel, aluminum (porthole, deck hatch, hatch) that can also be used on land for a camper van, van, etc..

Deck equipment
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Portholes and vents are essential equipment for all types of boats, whether sailboats, powerboats or catamarans. At Comptoir Nautiquewe stock a wide range of portholes and vents for your boat.

Our portholes are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized aluminum, and in different sizes to suit all types of boat.

This is where you'll also find air hoses, vents and dorade boxes to ensure proper ventilation of the interior space, guaranteeing your comfort and safety on board .

Comptoir Nautique has selected the best products and equipment for you, always at the best price.


Deck hatches are essential for access to various parts of the boat, particularly for maintenance or storage. They must ensure good circulation on deck, while providing aesthetic appeal and weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, stainless steel...

At Comptoir Nautiquewe offer a wide range of stainless steel and aluminum deck hatches, in different sizes and lengths, to meet all your needs.

In addition to portholes and hatches, we offer a whole list of accessories such as insulating curtains and insect screens to complete your on-board equipment. Whether you're sailing a sailboat, powerboat or catamaran, we've got the deck hatches and portholes you need.

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The issues of ventilation and insect protection are common to more than just boats. Motorhome and road trip enthusiasts will find the portholes, deck hatches, ventilation systemsand insect screens they need for their vehicles in these departments.

In this case, as we're talking about installation equipment rather than replacement, you'll find all the dimensions of the products on offer in our product sheets.

All you need to refurbish your van. Mosquito netting, portholes, insulating curtains, ventilation... all the equipment you need for your nomadic lifestyle.


Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the ropes on your boat. By investing in quality winches from comptoir nautique, you'll be able to furl ropes of any length, set sails or pull mooring lines effortlessly. Winches from well-known brands such as Lewmar and Big Head are available in our catalog.

Highly resistant and of professional quality, this type of equipment requires very little maintenance. You'll find everything you need in terms of winches, with electric winches, manual winches, electric winch motor kits (allowing you to add an electric system to a manual winch), self-tailing or self-locking winches, winch accessories, cranks, spare parts and much more.

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At Comptoir Nautiqueour aim is to provide our customers with a large stock of top-quality products to equip their boats, with accessories and equipment available immediately at the best prices. Our team of experts is on hand to help you choose the best accessories for your sailboat, powerboat or catamaran.

We have extensive experience in marine electronics and boat equipment, and pride ourselves on offering high-quality customer service to meet all your needs.

We're here to support you at every stage of your project, and we're happy to share our expertise with you to ensure your boat is equipped with the best accessories at the lowest price. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want all your time on the water to be spent relaxing and having fun.

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