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Live the music with boat speakers and subwoofers. Equip your boat with speakers and connect them to your fusion marine amps and stereos to enjoy sound everywhere in your boat. Fusion speakers are available in a variety of formats and models. You'll love the RGB speakers with LEDs, or the tower format for hanging on the back of the boat for wakeboarding and water-skiing sessions. Subwoofers add an extra dimension to your fusion audio system. Find the right speaker for you at Comptoirnautique.com, the French specialist in marine electronics.

Pack audio Nova by Navicom avec haut parleurs Fusion 80W 6.5" + antenne FM/DAB + câble 1m pour haut-parleurs Fusion
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Signature Serie 3 loudspeakers - Top of the range loudspeakers

Fusion Signature Serie 3 loudspeakers are the new marine loudspeakers offering unrivalled performance, made from resistant materials and certified to ISO12216 and IP65 (waterproof standard). They'll stand up to the harsh conditions of the marine environment, season after season.

Available in bright LED CRGBW or "classic" versions, the speakers come in sizes 6.5" , 7.7" or 8.8", with power ratings ranging from 230w to 330w

LED speakers incorporate both cool white and warm white for an unprecedented color spectrum that can now illuminate your vessel in vibrant hues to the beat of the music (manageable with MS-CRGBWRC remote control, sold separately).


Tower speakers

Ideal for water-skiing or wakeboarding boats, Tower Wake speakers are designed to hang high from the stern of the boat and deliver clear, powerful sound during your activities on the water, even at full speed.

The tower-shaped design is both sober and robust, with a sporty look. It blends in perfectly with a sports boat or wakeboard. They're alsoresistant to splashing, vibration and harsh marine conditions.

These Tower speakers from the Signature range feature CRGBW LEDs, turning your outings into a real party, even into the night. The LEDs on these speakers change to the beat of the music*.

*Requires remote control (optional).


Subwoofers for added depth

Subwoofers are designed to add an extra dimension to your marine audio system, adding low frequencies to your installation. Create a 2.1 system in any area of your boat by connecting 2 speakers and a subwoofer to a compatible fusion stereo, or via an amplifier from the Signature or Apollo ranges, for example.

Like the Signature speakers,the Signaturesubwoofers are available in 2 models: LED or classic, while the FM subwoofer series is available in square or round format, with an elegant, minimalist design and two color options (black or white).

The FM subwoofer series will complement the aesthetics of any vessel. Theinnovative flush-mount design of the subwoofers enables ultra-low-profile installation for an attractive, almost flat visual, never before seen on a marine subwoofer .

Guide de cablage fusion stereo / enceinte / ampli

Discover the different installation options

Fusion offers a wide range of loudspeakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and cables. But how do you choose your equipment? What type of audio installation is right for you?

Do you need 2, 4, 6 or 8 speakers? Subwoofers? Do you need an amplifier in addition to your stereo?

In this guide you'll find a range of typical installations, the corresponding wiring and answers to your questions about the Fusion universe and product ranges

Download the Fusion guide: typical installations


In this guide, you'll find details on the EL, XS and Signature range of LED loudspeakers and subwoofers, but above all on the different wiring and LED color management options, with remote control, multifunction display, chart plotter, etc.

Download the guide Fusion: Wiring LED speakers & subwoofers

guide de cablage enceinte et subwoofer à led
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