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Find all the products, accessories and tools you need to maintain your boat. For the interior, exterior, hull during the annual refit,deck equipment, or the engine and its parts. Antifouling, foam cleaner for fabrics and interiors, putty or glue to fill cracks in your boat, or grease, oil and tools for your engines. But also everything you need to clean your 12v boat air-conditioning or your fabrics.

Comptoir Nautique, in addition to its expertise in electronic accessories for boats, brings you its advice to help you choose the right product, with up-to-date stocks and at the best price.

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There are several types of boat cleaning products, including the following:

  • Hull cleaners: are used to remove dirt, algae and stains from the boat's hull. They can be used by hand or with a high pressure machine.
  • Adhesives: they are used to repair leaks and cracks in the boat's hull. There are different types of glues adapted to the materials used in the construction of the boat.
  • Sealants: are used to fill cracks and holes in the boat's hull. They are available in different shapes and harden quickly once applied.
  • Antifouling: is a coating applied to the hull of the boat to prevent the growth of algae and shellfish. There are different types of antifouling, some are copper-based and others are polyurethane-based.
  • Grease: It is used to lubricate the mechanical parts of the boat, such as bearings and seals. There are different types of grease adapted to the conditions of use of the boat.
It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using these cleaning and repair products to ensure safe and effective use. Don't forget to take into account the materials - wood, stainless steel or other metals - when choosing your cleaning product.


To keep your boat comfortable, it is essential to take care of its interior surfaces. That's why Comptoir Nautique offers all types of cleaners for your boat cabin, for fabrics, seats and curtains, as well as for shining woodwork and stainless steel.

You will also find in this section disinfectant cleaners adapted to the boat, for surface, cleaning foam or air conditioning cleaner.

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Looking for maintenance products for your inboard or outboard motor? Do you need filters, pumps, zinc anodes to prevent electrolysis problems, or small stainless steel tools? Perhaps you're even looking for a special paint for your repairs. Our stock is full of high-quality products, all at competitive prices.

A well-maintained boat needs the right tools, and our tools category has everything you could wish for. From screwdrivers to pliers and socket wrenches, we have a complete range of high-quality, corrosion-resistant tools for the marine environment.

We are committed to delivering your maintenance and tooling products quickly and reliably. So you can spend more time browsing and less time searching for parts.

Whether you're an experienced sailor or servicing your first boat, our maintenance and tools category has everything you need to keep your craft in top condition. Sail with confidence knowing you have the right products and tools at hand to take care of your boat the way it should be.

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