Deck wash pump

A deck wash pump is a type of pump used to clean the decks and exterior surfaces of a ship.
It can be used to project high-pressure water onto the vessel's surfaces, to thoroughly clean them of dirt, dust, grease and other contaminants.
Deck wash pumps can be powered by an electric or hydraulic motor, and are generally designed to be easy to operate and maintain.
They are often used in ports, shipyards and on commercial and transport vessels to keep the ship clean and in good working order. Deck wash pumps can be supplied ready-to-use, complete with hose and nozzle.
This type of pump can also be used for outdoor showers, for example.

Deck wash pump
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Choosing the right deck wash pump

Regular cleaning of a boat's deck is essential for its longevity and appearance. So it's important to choose the right wash pump for your needs. Deck wash pumps are available as complete, ready-to-use wash kits, or in more basic versions to be completed with the necessary accessories. Remember to select a model that is compatible with your electrical installation, and check the flow rate and wash pressure offered. Opt for a pump kit that includes hose, gaskets, filter, fitting and spare parts, for a complete, long-lasting package.

Maintaining your wash pump

A boat wash pump needs regular maintenance to ensure long years of service. Frequent cleaning of the fresh-water filter at the pump's intake helps prevent blockages. You should also regularly replace seals and spare parts subject to wear, such as bushings. Keep the original packaging of seals and spare parts to facilitate replacement. Don't forget to rinse and dry the pump after each use, to prevent mildew growth.

entretenir sa pompe de lavage

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Where to mount the wash pump?

We recommend that you install your boat wash pump in a place protected from spray and easy to access, such as under the transom, in the engine compartment or under a bench. Provide a non-slip support suitable for the weight of the pump, and secure it with cleats or straps.

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