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A fish finder is essential for the fisherman.Whether you're a recreational or sport fisherman, observe the underwater world and detect fish under your boat with our fishfinders. From the most basic like the Lowrance Hook Reveal , to the smallest like the Garmin striker Plus 4. From the most basic, like the Lowrance striker , to the smallest, like the Garmin 5cv, to the most advanced, like the Garmin Downvü, Sidevü or Humminbird Down-Imaging and Side-imaging fishfinders. Opt for a model with a GPS positioner to mark interesting fishing spots and return to them later. Some fishfinders accept marine charts and are therefore hybrid: GPS and chartplotter.

Find all the top brands Deeper, Furuno, Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance, Simrad and the best fishfinder models at the best prices at, the fishing fishfinder specialist.

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The traditional fishing sounder: 2D technology

This display is the most common and is found on almost all fishfinders. It is a 2-dimensional cross-sectional view of the bottom.

Fish are generally represented by arcs. The automatic setting mode is a great help to novice anglers; more experienced anglers can optimize detection by adjusting sensitivity, chart speed, zoom and frequency. The humminbird piranha 4, for example, is a small, powerful sonar unit with 2D capability and no frills.



Down Imaging technology for a more powerful sounder

Essential ally to discover what is going on under the surface: the down Imaging also called Downscan or ClearVü according to the manufacturer allows to reveal some things which could have been missed in 2D.

Based on the same principle as an ultrasound scan, the special processing of high frequency data provides a very thin beam that makes quasi-photographic captures of the bottom and which, when placed side by side with the 2D, facilitate interpretation.

The Down will also allow to distinguish objects with more precision. On this image, the branches will appear as a 2D cluster, while with the Down we will have a much clearer vision.

Here, too, the contrast and sensitivity settings allow you to fine-tune the sonar's ability to find fish. Example: To bring out fish, increase sensitivity and decrease contrast.

The Downscan frequency is 455 khz to 800 khz.

The humminbird helix 5 G3 Down imaging has this type of technology. It is a quality GPS sounder, easy to use for a beginner audience that have all the functions essential to fishing



Side Imaging offers a side view

Two lateral beams sweep on the sides, with a theoretical range of 120 m each. They behave a bit like "curtains" that are moved at right angles on each side of the boat.

The advantage of this side scan system with 3D representation is that it allows you to scan very far to the sides with a representation of the relief on the screen. It is purely a system for locating and identifying structures at a distance, which brings it closer to sonar than to a depth sounder.

You can quickly survey a wide area on either side of the boat, see obstacles dozens of feet away with photographic quality, and even "read" the winding path of a river bed under 50 feet of water. You can also detect fish or schools of suspended fish at a distance, but without the fine detail accuracy of a conventional sonar. Take advantage of all these features with the power of theGarmin Striker Vivid 9SVdepth finder with large 9-inch display.



The Livescope technology for the top of the line fishing sounder

The ultimate in sonar technology: real time HD video of the seabed. The strong point of LiveScope is the precision and sharpness of the images as well as the possibility of orienting the probe:

  • For vertical fishers, the transducer can look down into the water to observe structure, lure and fish in real time.
  • For other fishing, the livescope forward will be useful to fish the bottom in the branches, the chub in open water ... choose what you like. The huge advantage is to see in real time what is happening in front of his boat in any discretion, here is the huge added value that brings Livescope.

The technology livescope is available on the real-time sounder and forward sounder that visualizes in real time the fish but also the relief to avoid obstacles during navigation, this kind of device as the probe livescope LVS32 is attached to accessories such as a pole, the base of a motor ...

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