Dry suit

For cruising, yachting, ocean racing, light sailing such as dinghies, catamarans or optimists, or nautical activities such as sea kayaking, windsurfing, foiling, winging, sand yachting, kitesurfing or jet-skiing, dry suits are the essential winter ally.
In this section, we offer you a selection of top-quality dry suits for men, women and children, at the best prices.

Dry suit
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Whatever your type of marine activity, a dry suit, otherwise known as a drysuit, can keep you dry and warm in winter. They feature a breathable, waterproof, multi-layer fabric. All seams and seams are perfectly sealed, and all openings (collar, sleeve, legs) are optimized to prevent water ingress or infiltration.

They can be worn over a technical under-layer, or primer, providing extra warmth for your body.

Unlike neoprene wetsuits, which absorb some water and can become heavy without having the same windproof effect, dry suits are made of fabric. They're more comfortable, lighter and more durable.

You'll probably prefer them to your overalls, pants, watch jacket or jacket jacket.

However, it's important not to confuse them with survival suits. The latter provide a high degree of flotation and less freedom of movement or breathability than a drysuit.


Choosing a dry suit also means making a multi-year commitment to essential sailing equipment. Whether you're racing a Laser, sailing a catamaran, paddling a kayak or making circles in the water on a jet ski, winter outings, whether under sail or motor, require optimum protection against the cold. They are accessories not to be neglected. The cost of a drysuit is high enough to warrant careful selection.

In addition to the technical qualities described in our product sheets, you'll need to take into account the size chart we've transcribed for each item. These suits must fit perfectly, neither too big to avoid water ingress, nor too tight, otherwise comfort will suffer. Indeed, unlike a neoprene suit, a waterproof suit must allow you to maneuver your sails without being an obstacle to ample movement, while still letting you breathe. In this case, all the fabric parts are joined together to ensure watertightness, while remaining flexible.

Comptoir Nautiqueour specialist in marine electronics and deck fittings offers you its selection of dry suits, in line with our quality values. Our expert and passionate advisors are at your disposal to answer all your technical questions, as well as those concerning available stock, prices and shipping. We look forward to hearing from you.

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