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Plastimo has been a well-established brand in the marine equipment industry for several decades. The company offers a wide range of products for boating enthusiasts, yachtsmen and marine professionals. As a customer, you can expect to find high-quality equipment designed to enhance your experience on the water and guarantee your safety. Plastimo offers safety products such as life jackets, life rafts, buoys and compasses, as well as products to enhance your comfort: barbecue, plancha, furniture, boat fridge, dinghy... Boat maintenance, deck fittings, accessories and much more. Find the Plastimo product range at the best price on comptoir nautique. Fast delivery, products in stock and quality advisers!

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Plastimo's history dates back to 1963, when the company was founded in Lorient, France by Antoine Zuliani with a small catalog of 80 products, including life jackets. Since then, it has expanded its reach and international presence to over 50 countries with thousands of product references, becoming an essential reference in the field of marine equipment of all types and for all uses. Plastimo has built a solid reputation thanks to its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

Plastimo's products cover a wide range of categories. They include life jackets, buoys, course compasses, navigation lights, anchors, winches, pulleys, ropes, navigation instruments, boat electrics, deck equipment, portholes and hatches, galley equipment, life rafts, boat interiors and much more.

What sets Plastimo apart are its deeply rooted values. The brand is committed to offering reliable, durable products designed to withstand the most demanding marine conditions. Innovation is also at the heart of their approach, with the constant development of new technologies and materials to enhance product performance. Plastimo attaches great importance to safety, ensuring that its equipment meets the most stringent navigation standards.

Plastimo products appeal to a wide range of customers. Whether you're a keen amateur boater, a professional sailor or a boat owner looking for quality equipment, you'll find products to suit your needs at Plastimo. The brand aims to support its customers throughout their adventures at sea, providing trusted equipment and ensuring their safety.

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