Boat sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the sun's rays with a selection of polarized glasses! Polarized lenses filter out the sun's rays, protecting your eyes from glare and ultraviolet rays in particular.

To find out how to choose the color of your lenses and understand the UV index, follow the"practical sunglasses guide"

Sunglasses are essential accessories for water sports activities. You'll find the right frame for your needs from a selection of brands such as Eyelevel or O'Wave.

Visit Comptoir Nautique for our selection of boat sunglasses. Whether you prefer a classic, sober look in black or a bolder color, there are options for every taste.

Boat sunglasses
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Différentes catégories de protection solaire pour les lunettes polarisantes


There are different sun protection indices for spectacle lenses, ranging from 0 to 4, corresponding to different levels of protection against the sun's rays.

  • Category 0: these lenses filter virtually no light, from 0 to 19% of rays. These are generally glasses for aesthetic comfort.
  • Category 1: these lenses are lightly tinted, filtering out a small proportion of the sun's rays (between 20% and 57%).
  • Category 2: sunglasses with a protection factor of 2 are those used in moderately sunny situations. They filter out 57% to 82% of the sun's rays.
  • Category 3: category 3 sunglasses offer excellent sun protection for most activities, filtering 82% to 92% of the sun's rays.
  • Category 4: the highest protection category, these lenses filter out up to 97% of the sun's rays. They should be used in extreme sunlight conditions, and are forbidden when driving, as they alter vision and color perception.


Each lens color has its own specific characteristics, depending on your riding style and light conditions.

Red lens: perfect for highlighting contrasts in moderate light.

Grey lens: the color that provides the best protection from the sun, especially from reflections on the water, with minimal eye fatigue and realistic color perception. It's the perfect color for sight fishing in sunny regions.

Blue glass: a color that provides sharp contrast below the surface of the water and perfect protection from glare and UV rays, it is the preferred color of sea anglers or sailors on their boats .

Yellow lens: ideal for overcast or low-light conditions, as it improves vision.

différentes couleurs de verres polarisants

Schéma pénétration UV dans la peau


  • UVA are ultraviolet rays with the longest wavelength (320 to 400 nm), close to visible light. They have little energy, but penetrate deep into the skin. They cause tanning, but also skin aging, theappearance of spots and the development of cancers.
  • UVB rays are more energetic and shorter (280 to 320 nm) than UVA rays. They do not penetrate much of the skin, but they are very harmful. They cause burns, inflammation, allergies and skin cancer. They account for around 5% of the UV ra ys reaching the earth.
  • UVCs are the shortest (190 to 280 nm) and most powerful of all UVs. They are very dangerous for living beings, as they can modify their DNA. They are almost totally blocked by theearth's atmosphere, in particular by the ozone layer, and do not reach us. They are used for their ability to kill germs in hospitals and laboratories.
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