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The AIS receiver and AIS transponder are essential for detecting the presence of other boats in the vicinity, and for sending position, course and speed information to nearby boats. The AIS receiver will only receive data from nearby transponder-equipped boats, while the transponder can receive and transmit data to nearby boats, such as the Raymarine AIS 700 transponder or the Garmin AIS 800 (AIS transmitter/receiver).

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Fonctionnement de l'AIS

AIS for transmitting and receiving data

TheAIS Automatic Identification System is a ship identification system that uses VHF radio frequencies. Thisanti-collision system sends information on the ship's position, speed and course.

For the system to work, vessels must be equipped with a transmitter and receiver AIS. Not all boats are equipped in the same way. While yachtsmen are free to choose whether or not to equip themselves with a AIS, they can also opt for a transponder.

However, boats over 45 meters, fishing vessels over 10 meters and certain professionals are obliged to fit a transceiver. On a VHF system AIS, you can access information on boats sailing close to yours, such as the boat's name, course, position, callsign, distance from your boat and length.

Receiver, transponder AIS and range

Two types of data can be received or exchanged. The receiver receives static data such as the boat's name, or dynamic data such as its position and speed.

This information is particularly useful at night, when visibility is reduced, to avoid collisions with fishing boats or cargo ships.

AIS has its limits and should not be used as a substitute for radar, which offers a much greater range. Large cargo or cruise ships equipped with AIS systems have a much greater range than pleasure craft.

Dual-function transmitters and receivers are more expensive, but can both transmit and receive information.

transpondeur AIS bateau

Affichage donnée AIS

AIS, various options

TheAIS can be fitted with a wide range of options, depending on how you want to use it. The system can integrate a black box or a screen that can be connected to a GPS or a tablet, a PC..

AIS can be connected to other instruments via various types of communication protocols. A Wifi module can be integrated into theAIS housing, making it easy to send data via radio waves to computers, tablets and smartphones without the need for a USB cable.

There are three types of AIS transceivers: class A, B or B+:

  • AIS class A transceivers are reserved for professionals.
  • Class B transceivers can be used by boaters.
  • Class B+AIS are also reserved for yachtsmen, but are more powerful.

Choose your AIS receiver - transponder selected by Comptoir nautique from AMEC, Raymarine, Garmin, McMurdo..

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