Navigation, whether under sail or motor, for pleasure, cruising or racing, requires very specific and highly technical on-board equipment. Radar, autopilot, multifunction displays, GPS, compass, transponder, AIS, navigation system, VHF, are all essential for safety and comfort on board. That's why Comptoir Nautique offers you the best products at the best prices in this category. You'll also find VHF accessories, VHF antennas and cabling. For boat equipment, comfort on board, technical equipment.... visit our boat equipment category. All brands of marine electronics at the best price, Simrad, Garmin, Raymarine, Icom, lowrance etc...

Pilote Automatique ST2000+
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Radar maritime Furuno


In this category, you can find all the navigation aids that will be useful, even indispensable on your boat, starting with the radar systems. Indeed, the radar is first and foremost an element of safety on board. It allows you to better anticipate risky situations and is essential when navigating at night or in cloudy or foggy weather. 

Coupled with GPS, but also with your entire network of sensors, probes, compasses or VHF, the radar is the core of your navigation system. Tracking targets, detecting obstacles, coastlines, buoys, or preventing collisions, while monitoring the weather, optimizing your route, adapting your course.

Some radar models will even allow you to detect birds, which can highlight a hunt. Anglers will particularly appreciate this feature.

We have selected here a whole range of radar antennas (beam or radome radar), screens or color displays and accessories. To facilitate your choice, we have also composed radar packs with antenna and screen, covering all needs, whether you are sailing a sailboat, motorboat, speedboat or fishing boat. The M1815 Furuno radar pack, composed of an 8.4" LCD screen and a 4kW radome, offers, for a very competitive price, a NMEA connectivity allowing in particular to connect a AIS system allowing to follow up to a hundred targets.


The autopilot is now an integral part of the navigation system. A very powerful navigation aid, it allows, depending on the vessel on which it is installed, to maintain a course on a sailboat, to follow a pre-configured route on a motorboat, or to reach a waypoint on a fishing boat.

As a true co-pilot, it communicates with a number of sensors, such as the rudder angle sensor, the GPS or the anemometer, in order to receive, analyze and send navigation data to the various instruments and steering systems.

This is precisely what you need to pay attention to when choosing your boat autopilot. It must be able to adapt to tiller steering like the ST1000, wheel steering, cable steering or motorboat steering.

That's why you will find here different sections guiding you to the best technical solutions adapted to your navigation needs: autopilot for sailboat, autopilot for motorboat, but also consoles and remote control, as well as all the accessories, power units and calculators.

Pilote automatique sur barre à roue voilier

Communication VHF fixe et portable pour bateau


VHF (Very High Frequency) are communication equipment widely used on board ships for remote communication and essential during navigation. VHF can be of two types: fixed or portable.

Fixed VHFs are installed on board the vessel and allow for remote transmission and reception of communications at any time. Portable VHFs are lightweight, easy-to-carry devices that can be used onboard the vessel or on shore.

Transponders AIS (Automatic Identification System) are navigation equipment that allow vessels to locate each other and exchange important information, such as the name, type, position, speed and direction of each vessel. The transponders AIS can be a single device called transponder AIS if it is a receiver and transmitter, but some VHF can be equipped with theAIS, this is often the case of fixed VHF, so we speak of VHF with AIS.

Some VHF are also equipped with GPS as the VHF icom fixed IC-M330GE GPS

External VHF antennas can be used and are installed on the vessel to improve the range of VHF communications.

In summary, VHF and AIS transponders are important communication and navigation equipment for the safety of ships and mariners.


Expert and European leader in marine electronics, Comptoir Nautique accompanies you in your choices and your needs in navigation and safety equipment at sea. Our advisors are available to inform you and answer all your questions concerning the technical points of these particularly technological articles, or questions concerning the stock, availability, shipping or prices of each product.

The biggest brands are referenced on our site to always offer you the best product: Raymarine, NKG, Garmin, Hummingbird, Simrad or Furuno, Lowrance or B&G.

You can reach us by e-mail, via social networks, but also by phone.

Moreover, Comptoir Nautique assures you the best prices for your boat equipment, all year long.

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