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Boat batteries are essential for powering the boat's electrical systems. More specific boat starter batteries are used for engine starting. There are several types of marine batteries available on the market (AGM batteries, GEL batteries and hybrid boat batteries), each with its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of capacity, service life, cost, etc. You'll find a full range of 12-volt marine batteries on Comptoir Nautique at the best prices.

Batterie de servitude
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Batterie de servitude pour bateau


Gel boat batteries have low self-discharge and good resistance to vibration and shock, so they are suitable for use in boats. The gel used as the electrolyte helps reduce leakage and exhaust fumes, as well as extend the life of the battery. These batteries are generally affordable and have a good range of capacity to suit all uses.

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) boat batteries are also widely used in boats. These batteries use a tempered glass wick to separate the positive and negative plates, and to retain the electrolyte. This reduces leakage and exhaust, and increases the life of the battery. These batteries also have better vibration and shock resistance, making them ideal for use in boats. AGM batteries generally have a higher price tag than gel batteries, but have a better storage capacity.

The 12 volt gel-agm batteries for boats are a recent technology that combines the advantages of gel batteries and AGM batteries. These batteries are durable and also have a low self-discharge. These batteries also have a better storage capacity and a longer life than gel batteries. 

It is important to choose a quality service battery to ensure good performance and long life. But also make sure that the battery is compatible with the engine and other electrical systems of the boat. 

A question or a problem? Contact our advisors who will help you choose the type of battery to be integrated into your installation, answer your questions about stock, delivery, etc. always at the best price.

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