Marine binoculars

Marine binoculars are essential for safety on board your boat, as well as for navigation. Waterproof binoculars , shockproof binoculars, high-end optical binoculars or binoculars for occasional use, Comptoir Nautique has selected a range of waterproof marine binoculars that will meet your needs, even for eyeglass wearers.
Here you'll find the standard Steiner 7x50 binoculars, as well as the more compact Steiner 7x30 binoculars and folding binoculars. Some binoculars feature autofocus or manual focusing, and are equipped with highly accurate compasses or laser rangefinders for distance calculation.

Comptoir Nautique offers you quality marine binoculars from all brands at the best prices: binoculars Steinerbinoculars Plastimotopomarine binoculars.

Marine binoculars
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What features should I look for when choosing a model of marine binoculars?

  • The magnification/diameter ratio of 7x50 optics

    The ideal ratio for marine binoculars is 7x50. A magnification of x7 and an optical diameter of 50mm. It's a perfect compromise between zoom, stability, sharpness, light and field of vision.

  • 7x30 optics

    Smaller optics, such as 7x30, will be less bright with a smaller field of view, but will have the advantage of being more compact. If you sail occasionally or only in clear weather, they can be a good value for money.

  • BAK-4 or BAK-7 prisms

    The quality of the lenses is referred to as BAK-4 or BAK-7. BAK-7 prisms are standard-quality borosilicate glass assemblies. BAK-4 prisms, on the other hand, are superior quality, made of barium, giving a sharper image with more detail and 30% greater brightness.

  • Lens coatings

    In addition, lenses receive treatments that range from simple brightness enhancement to reverberation suppression. The multi-coating, for example, features an anti-UV filter that's indispensable at sea, preventing damage to your vision.

  • Sturdiness

    Some models of marine binoculars feature rubber coating and nitrogen-pressurized construction for rock-solid strength.


Focusing is used toimprove the sharpness of a point through a lens. This adjustment is made in relation to the distance separating you from this point.

In our selection of marine binoculars, you'll find models with manual focusing by means of a central focusing wheel (the most common), adjustable manual focusing for each eyepiece, but also, and above all, autofocus binoculars. Autofocus binoculars are the most powerful, saving time and visual comfort when navigating.

Theyfocus instantly on the target object, without any intervention on the part of the user. You'll enjoy a perfectly sharp image through the lenses, whatever the distance between the lens and what you're looking at.

Jumelles marines autofocus

Compas HD stabilisé et éclairé


Many marine binoculars come with a built-in bearing compass. This means you can easily manage your heading, but also assess distances or heights. Top-of-the-range models feature stabilized, high-definition compasses with lighting. These will enable you to navigate in low light conditions or in poor light conditions.

The STEINER Commander 7x50C, for example, is equipped with an excellent integrated HD stabilized compass with illumination


  • It's worth remembering that your binocular's built-in bearing compass, acting like a compass in the lens' field of view, can be considered an additional safety feature available on board.
  • In addition to facilitating observation thanks to its magnification, it may also prove useful in the event of damage to your electronic instruments.
  • Regardless of magnification, optics or brightness, if your binoculars are not maintained and, at the very least, rinsed regularly with clean water, the view through the optics may lose its effectiveness and the outer coating may wear prematurely. That's why we invite you to take the utmost care of this equipment. Binoculars are waterproof and robust, but not indestructible.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact our Comptoir Nautique by phone, e-mail or via our social networks if you have any questions about the price of binoculars, their features or the marine binoculars we have in stock.
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