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Whether you're looking for automatic bilge pumps, manual bilge pumps or submersible bilge pumps, you'll find all the equipment you need at Comptoir Nautique to empty the water that could enter your boat. Take advantage of Europe's best prices on bilge pump accessories, control panels and water level alarms. Don't let yourself be surprised by a sudden rise in bilge water or damage to your boat by equipping yourself now.

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A boat pump is an essential piece of equipmentfor keeping a vessel watertight and safe. There are different types of pumps for different uses, such as bilge pumps, foot pumps and electric pumps, washdown pumps and other water management accessories such as freshwater tanks, shower drains, boat water heaters, etc.

Bilge pumps are used to evacuate water that has seeped into the boat. They can be manual or electric, and are triggered automatically when the water reaches a certain level.

Foot pumps are used to evacuate water from the bilge using a foot pedal. They are often used in emergencies or when the electricity is cut off.

Electric pumps are used to evacuate water from the bilge using the boat's electrical power. They are often used on pleasure boats and can be remotely controlled.

There are also automatic pumps that switch on automatically when the water reaches a certain level.

Jabsco pumps are a popular brand of pumps and pump accessories such as hoses, fittings etc. for boats, and offer a wide range of products to suit all needs. You can find details of the different Jabsco pump models on our Comptoir Nautique website, with information on features, prices, delivery options and stocks.

Complete pump kits are also available, with accessories such as pipes and fittings, contactor, alarm... for easy installation.

If you're looking for boat pumps, feel free to browse our range to compare prices and delivery options. Contact our advisors for help in choosing your water pump, water unit, evacuation system or any other product from our on-board water and pump catalog.

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