Bow and stern thruster

Bow and stern thrusters are equipment that are used to propel a vessel at low speed and to move it forward or backward, thus assisting in maneuvering boats, especially when anchored. They are mounted on the bow or stern of the vessel, on the sides, and can be operated manually or electrically. Bow thrusters can be external, retractable, electric or hydraulic.
Comptoir Nautique prepares ready-to-use packs/kits containing a thruster (stern or bow) and the necessary accessories such as remote control, tunnel, cable, etc.
You will find in this section the product in stock at the best price, and will receive advice from our experts on the choice of your thruster, spare propeller, your tunnel. We will answer all your questions about the kit of your choice.

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Here are some commonly used types of bow and stern thrusters:

  • Electric Bow or Stern Thruster: A bow thruster is a propulsion device mounted at the front of a vessel, while a stern thruster is a propulsion device mounted at the back of the vessel. Both types of thrusters are used to help move the vessel and maneuver it through the water.
  • External Bow Thruster: An external bow thruster is a thruster that is mounted outside the ship's hull, usually at the bow. 
  • External Stern Thruster: An external stern thruster is a thruster that is mounted outside the ship's hull, usually at the stern. 
  • Retractable bow and stern thruster: A retractable bow or stern thruster is a thruster that can be folded inside the ship's hull when not in use. 

The bow thruster is often used to help maneuver the vessel in confined spaces, such as harbors and marinas, or to help keep the vessel stationary in the water. It is usually smaller and more maneuverable than the stern thruster.

The stern thruster is generally larger and more powerful than the bow thruster, and is primarily used to help propel the vessel through the water at a constant speed. It can be used to help maneuver the vessel in difficult wind and current conditions, but is less maneuverable than the bow thruster.


To operate a bow thruster, you will need various accessories:

  • A power source: Most bow thrusters are electrically powered, so you will need an electrical power source to operate them. This can be a battery or a generator.
  • A control system: To control the thruster. The control box can be manual or automatic. The control system allows you to adjust the speed, power and direction of the thruster.
  • A thruster tunnel: in order to be able to mount the thruster through the hull, it will be necessary to install a tunnel that goes through the hull and is watertight in order to fit the propeller, so that the water will not enter the hull.
  • A circuit breaker: In the event of an electrical problem, overvoltage, leakage, we recommend the purchase of a circuit breaker to be able to stop the thruster/motor with a simple push of a button.

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