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Tornadoes, violent thunderstorms and storms are real dangers for sailors. Keeping abreast of weather phenomena becomes vital. As reliable and constant sources of weather information, weather receivers help you plan your daily activities intelligently and safely. Equip yourself with a radio receiver Garmin Inreach and choose the best device to stay informed at all times!

What's the weather like at sea? | Marine weather forecast
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Natex recepteur meteo bluetooth

The weather receiver, a practical device

When you're at sea, it's essential to keep abreast of the weather forecast. This requires a few devices adapted to maritime conditions.

While a smartphone is generally sufficient on land, it's of little use to sailors.

The range of our phones or mobiles is often very limited and variable. Its use can be reserved for a few outings not too far from the coast.

On the high seas or on longer outings, it's better to be properly equipped.

Comptoir Nautique offers several devices to keep you informed about the weather.

Navtex receivers, antennas, barometers or weather stations, choose the system that suits you best and sail in complete safety.

A weather receiver for safe navigation

Being able to follow the weather forecast on the high seas or in the open ocean is a reassuring feeling!

This essential safety item is perfect for receiving information that can be crucial when sailing. In fact, Division 240 of the French Marine Code requires that all offshore sailors be equipped with a device for receiving weather reports.

In many cases, the system is quite simple: a SSB receiver is all that's needed.

The system can be used to receive several types of communication or to listen to broadcasts. This single-sideband (SSB) system is a radio transmission mode particularly used in maritime, military and aviation applications.

In the maritime world, SSB equipment refers to high-frequency receivers or transmitters.

This technology makes it possible to communicate over very long distances. SSB communications are particularly effective, and it's reassuring to receive the latest weather forecasts in the form of bulletins or weather maps at any time.

The SSB receiver is connected to an antenna and transmits weather reports from weather stations around the world to a laptop. Weather maps can also be decoded using decoding software. A simple cable connects the SSB to the computer.

All you have to do is find the best place to install your antenna and get the best forecasts!

Letting go of your moorings with a receiver for safety and weather messages avoids exposing yourself to excessive danger.

The safety of passengers and crew is partly ensured by a simple device. The choice is yours.

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