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Powerboating can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, especially if you have the right equipment. The autopilot is the team player you need. Whether you have an inboard boat with cable steering, a fast Open with twin outboard motors, or a flyboat with hydraulic steering, our experts at Comptoir Nautique will guide you in choosing your boat equipment at the best price.

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Pilote Automatique SCP110
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qu'est ce qu'un pilote automatique bateau à moteur

What is a autopilot for motorboats?

A autopilot for motorboats is a device that enables the boat to navigate autonomously, following a predefined trajectory.

The autopilot receives instructions from the sailor, then executes them by controlling the rudders. The autopilot can be used in different modes:

  • Maintaining a set course,
  • following a waypoint to reach a fishing spot,
  • autorouting mode for following a complex route previously plotted on the compatible GPS,
  • fishing function: zigzag navigation, circle navigation, Boutakov MOB maneuver..

What are the advantages of using autopilot?

Thanks to autopilot, it's easier for the pilot on board to rest or concentrate on other tasks such as navigation, communication and crew supervision, safe in the knowledge that the boat will follow instructions.

No need to keep one hand on the wheel at all times! Share a moment with friends, keep an eye on your fishing rods when out trolling, and shorten the time spent at the helm during long trips. And don't forget the significant fuel savings you'll make by eliminating the need to tack!

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Which autopilot for which boat?

There are 3 main categories of autopilot for motorboats:

Pilot for cable steering: If you own a tiller with a Morse cable steering system, simply replace your steering box with the Lowrance NAC-1 mechanical pilot pack and get autopilot.

Outboard pilot for hydraulic steering: It's almost impossible to permanently install a rudder angle sensor on an outboard. Some new "intelligent" pilots are equipped with a virtual rudder. For small engines up to 80hp, opt for the Lowrance hydraulic NAC-1 pilot pack. Boats equipped with a more powerful single-engine HB will need to install the robust Garmin GHP Reactor pilot with hydraulic pump.

Pilot for hydraulic steering on inboard engines: For motorboats, fishing boats and yachts with inboard engines and hydraulic steering, we recommend the Garmin GHP Reactor, Raymarine EV-200 engine or Simrad NAC3 pilots, depending on the equipment you already have on board.

Special cases: Some boats require specific motorization: Verado motor with assistance pump, speedboat with cable base with hydraulic assistance, yacht with Volvo IPS, Zdrive controlled by Volvo joystick... Contact our Experts directly Comptoir Nautique for assistance in choosing the right model.

Don't wait any longer to equip your motorboat with a autopilot.

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