Pump for livewells

A livewell pump is a device used to draw in water and filter it to maintain a healthy living environment for fish and other aquatic animals in a livewell. These pumps are generally used in garden tanks or aquariums, but can also be used in other contexts, such as fishing. Pond pumps are usually fitted with filters to remove impurities and debris from the water, and circulation devices to keep the water moving and prevent stagnation. They can be electrically or manually powered. Note, however, that the flow rate will not be sufficient for use as a bilge pump, so you'll need to opt for a boat bilge pump.

Pump for livewells
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For anglers, a livewell is a watertight tank located in the boat, in which seawater is stored to keep bait and livebait alive, like a small aquarium in the boat. To keep your small fish alive and well all day long, you'll need to keep the water healthy, clean and oxygenated. That's why Comptoir Nautique offers livewell pumps, aerators and filters at the best prices.

A fish tank pump keeps the water clean by drawing water from the tank through filters and then returning it once the impurities have been removed. A fish tank pump can also be used to pump seawater to fill your aquarium. An aerator or oxygenator can also be used to supply the water with oxygen. The aerator projects jets of water into the livewell to enrich it with oxygen.

Pumps for livewells are characterized by their small size and lower flow rate than a bilge pump. They are easy to transport and dismantle, and maintenance is simplified, for example by replacing the pump motor in the event of a breakdown. Accessories such as fittings, hoses, etc., can be supplied depending on the model. If you're in any doubt about the reference you' d like to buy, or if you have any questions about product details and characteristics, stock, prices or delivery, please contact our Comptoir Nautique advisors.

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