Wastewater storage

The storage of wastewater on a boat is an important aspect to consider, to avoid discharging wastewater into the sea.
Wastewater must be stored in special tanks. These tanks must be large enough to contain all the wastewater produced during navigation. Wastewater treatment products are also useful for maintaining water quality and preventing the formation of bacteria and unpleasant odors in these tanks. The wastewater is then emptied at the port, heading for the treatment plant.
In addition, rainwater can be collected and stored in these same tanks for future use, for washing water... Essential accessories are provided, such as transfer pumps that can be used to move wastewater from the tanks to the storage tanks, or vacuum pumps to evacuate water from WCs and showers to the containers.
To find the best wastewater storage products for your boat, feel free to compare our products and the available volumes to suit your boat.
Contact us if you have any questions about stock items, prices, payment in instalments, etc.

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