Window & Ventilation

Whether it is to create a new opening or simply to replace a porthole or a deteriorated deck hatch, Comptoir Nautique offers you a selection of opening portholes, solid deck hatches or deck hatches with glass. You will also find accessories for your different openings such as blackout curtains, mosquito nets, insulators ....

Ventilation is essential on a ship, Comptoir Nautique offers different ventilation systems to be installed on your boat so that the air can circulate well in your boat, thus avoiding the accumulation of humidity and heat.

Hublot & Aération
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Panneau de pont sur un bateau


Openings, portholes, deck hatches or vents, play several roles on board a boat or inside a motorhome or van. Indeed, they bring light and view on the outside but also an essential ventilation for the life on board. However, each opening can also potentially become a waterway, a mosquito highway or a spotlight at sunrise. 

That's why we offer you perfectly sealed portholes or opening deck panels, clapboard windsocks, weighted screens, magnetic suction cup screens, as well as blackout curtains that will fit all your openings.


All these openings, portholes, deck hatches, ventilation system or mosquito nets, can also be installed on caravans, motor homes, or converted vans. For this, it will be important to distinguish between installation and replacement. In the second case, it is possible that modifications must be made to the original media in order to achieve perfect compatibility.
All sizes are available in our product sheets and will help you to make the best choice at the best price.
In the case of a DIY fitting out of a van or tear drop trailer, you will have a wide choice of shapes (portholes or deck panels), sizes and applications in these sections.

Tear drop trailer avec hublot

Hublot et aération


In this category, you will find all the accessories that will make life on board your boat healthier and more comfortable: windsocks or aerators that guarantee good ventilation while maintaining a perfect seal, portholes, or mosquito netting. 

Comptoir Nautique guarantees you the best price as well as stock available all year long on each product.

You will find many details on our product sheets and our advisers remain at your disposal for any questions.

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