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Boat navigation lights are used to indicate a boat's position and direction of travel, as well as its status (for example, whether it is at anchor or towing another boat). They let other boats know where a boat is and where it's heading, which is important for safe navigation. Navigation lights are mandatory on board, and their misuse may be subject to penalties.

International and national regulations govern the use of navigation lights on boats. These regulations define the types of lights to be used, their placement on boats, sailboats, tugs, cargo ships... their brightness and flashing frequency. To ensure the safety of all vessels on the water, it is essential to know and comply with these regulations. It is also advisable to have quality navigation equipment and to maintain it in good condition to ensure that every light is working properly.

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There are several types and models of navigation lights used on boats and sailboats:

  • The position light: It is used to indicate the position of the boat at night or during conditions of reduced visibility. It can be red, green or white and is placed on the bow, stern or sides of the boat.
  • The anchor light: it is used to indicate that the boat is at anchor and not moving. It is white and is placed at the front and back of the boat.
  • The main light: it is used to indicate the direction of movement of the boat. It is red at the front and green at the back.
  • Pilot light: it is used by pilot boats to guide other boats in harbors and roads. It is white and is placed at the front and back of the boat.
  • The stern light: it is used by cargo boats and tugs to indicate that they are pulling another boat. It is white and is placed at the back of the boat.

It's important to know and respect the rules of navigation at sea to guarantee the safety of all boats on the water, each light having its own meaning. In our category we have classified lights by type and length of boat, since a light for a boat under 12 meters will not be suitable for a vessel over 20 meters, for example.


If you're looking for navigation lights for your boat - sail or power - our dedicated navigation light department is the ideal place to find the model(s) you need. We offer a wide range of boat navigation lights, from white to red, including stern, mast, starboard and port lights. Your ship will have no excuse not to be seen.

Our selection includes LED lights from leading brands such as Hella Marine and Aqua Signal. All of our products are designed to meet marine safety standards and are equipped with rugged housings for maximum protection against the elements.

We also offer accessories for navigation lights, such as mounting brackets for anchor lights, available in our navigation lights category.

Comptoir Nautique always provides excellent service at the best prices , with products in stock and immediately available.

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Navigation light regulations

Compliance with the General Police Regulations for Inland Navigation is essential for safe maritime navigation. Every light on board a ship has its own role and significance, helping to identify the category and course of the vessel by night and day.

In our range of lighting equipment for night navigation, we have classified light systems according to two main criteria. Firstly, the type of boat and the type of light, as the requirements are not the same for a sailboat, a lifeboat or a cargo ship. Secondly, the length of the vessel, a decisive parameter for the number and power of lights to be installed.

A small boat less than 12 meters long obviously has different lighting and fire requirements to a large vessel over 20 meters long. Our catalog makes it easy for you to select the right solution for the size and use of your boat, so you can navigate legally and safely at night. Don't hesitate to call on our experts if you need advice on fitting or maintaining your navigation lighting.

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