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If sailors use the stars to guide them, the navigation compass is the perfect instrument to keep you on course and direct you on the water when landmarks are scarce. Discover the Comptoir Nautique selection.

Compas de Route

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Compas de route bateau

The steering compass, a navigation instrument par excellence

Sometimes neglected in favor of GPS, the route compass is a reliable tool. Magnetic compass, electronic compass or bearing compass, this indispensable tool is available in several types. Equipped with a case that houses a compass rose, the compass indicates North.

How does it work? The compass rose is equipped with magnets that react to the Earth's natural magnetic field. Thanks to these magnets, the compass rose moves and rotates until it indicates North, a bit like a compass. A navigational compass is graduated, the graduations go from 0° (North) to 359°.

The compass rose is bathed in liquid and is centered on a pivot for a smoother rotation. The compass shows North at all times. All you have to do is measure the angle between North and the direction you are aiming at, then transfer this value to a map to find your way and follow your route! Note that not all compasses work in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Depending on the strength of the magnetic zones, the compass will not balance in the same way in the areas you are navigating.

The compass, an obligation for sailors

The compass is a mandatory tool on board. It must be present during all coastal navigation from 2 to 6 miles from a shelter and during offshore navigation more than 6 miles from a shelter. The choice and size of the compass depends on the type of boat and the compass reading. Some models offer options such as built-in lighting, perfect for night sailing!

Compas de relevement

compas navire marque silva

Which compass to use to navigate?

The choice of a steering compass depends on your type of boat. The steering compass, also known as a magnetic compass, is often a very simple compass that simply keeps you on course while sailing. The bearing compass is mobile and its aiming is done via the axis of the compass rose. Finally, electronic compasses can be fixed or mobile and often offer additional features such as date and time, they can also integrate the functions of thermometer or anemometer. The display is digital.

The magnetic compasses can be of bearing. There are different options depending on the model. For example, Comptoir Nautique offers built-in bulkhead compasses or compasses on a bracket.

For example, the horizontal compass can be installed on the upper deck, while the vertical compass can be installed on the cabin bulkhead. The bracket-mounted compass is ideal for powerboats without a cabin.

Let the compass of your choice guide you!

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