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With underwater LED lighting, illuminate the water, underwater and the hull of your boat, pontoon or other aquatic environment. Choose the Bluefin Piranha P3 underwater LED to illuminate your hull in White, Cobalt Blue or Sapphire Blue. If you want to change colors, the powerful Piranha P6 Colour Change boat LED will produce 2700lumens of underwater illumination. Choose from our list of underwater LEDs.

LED technology provides powerful lighting at low energy cost. The LEDs will illuminate the water to create the ambiance you've been dreaming of while sailing. Also ideal for fishing, the light attracts fish, for example, flashing white on the surface of the water will make them gather, like flies attracted by a lamp or spotlight.

Underwater LEDs come in several ranges, depending on your budget and requirements. Single-color LEDs, white LEDs, multicolor LEDs. The latter are generally compatible with a control panel-type accessory for changing colors, light intensity and power, from the boat or outside in the case of a portable remote control. Stainless steel is often the main manufacturing material, as it is durable and water-resistant, making it a reliable and safe product.

Discover our range of products dedicated to marine and underwater lighting. In particular, our underwater LEDs to enhance your night-time outings at sea and create the lighting atmosphere of your choice. Always at the best price on Comptoir Nautique.

Our advisers are there to guide you in your choice, help you form an opinion on the products or choose the most appropriate delivery method for your order.

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éclairage bateau sous marin pour la peche

Underwater LED lighting for boats: how to choose the right equipment?

Underwater lighting has become an indispensable piece of equipment for many yachtsmen. Thanks to advances in LED technology in recent years, it is now possible to effectively illuminate the hull and the area below the waterline. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these headlamps provide better visibility at night when sailing or docking. These are powerful, durable lights, generally made of stainless steel and waterproof to IP68.

These lights can be used to improve safety by enabling people to see better what's going on underwater. This can be particularly useful for avoiding collisions with underwater obstacles such as rocks or wrecks.

Underwater LEDs can also be used to create a pleasant atmosphere on board the boat or on the pontoon by projecting bright, attractive colors into the water, which can be controlled with our RGB / RGBW accessory and remote control. This can be particularly useful for parties or outdoor events, or simply for relaxing and enjoying the view.

Finally, underwater LED lights can also be used to attract fish and other marine life. The bright colors can attract the attention of fish, and greatly improve your fishing conditions.

High-performance waterproof floodlights

Our underwater LED floodlights are designed to withstand water and humidity. They deliver a powerful beam with low power consumption thanks to LED technology. Many models offer a choice of light temperature and color to suit all your needs: neutral white, warm white or RGB and RGBW light to create colorful effects when sailing or at anchor.

Our underwater boat lights are made from durable marine materials such as stainless steel or marine brass. They are waterproof to IP68 standards for total protection against water. The waterproof housing contains the electronic components.

Find our products and models of underwater spotlights in stock at the best prices, with fast delivery in France and worldwide at comptoir nautique.

Éclairage exterieur sous marin

Voilier éclairage sous marin

Accessories for custom installation

Our range of accessories (brackets, hooks, waterproof cables...) makes it easy to install your LED lighting below the waterline or on deck.

WiFi remote controls for underwater LEDs are products specially designed to control underwater LED lighting on your boat. These remote controls give you the ability to manage colors, lighting modes, light intensity and other features remotely, using a wireless connection via WiFi.

There are many advantages to using a WiFi remote control for underwater LEDs. First of all, it lets you easily and precisely control your boat's lighting, whether white or with RGB colors, from inside or outside your boat, without having to move. You can adjust colors to create a personalized ambience, switch from one lighting mode to another, or adjust light intensity to suit your preferences.

What's more, Wi-Fi remote controls for underwater LEDs generally offer extended range, meaning you can control your underwater lights and lamps on board the boat and even remotely, as long as you're connected to the same WiFi network. This allows you to change the lighting from the deck, the cabin or any room on the boat.

Comptoir Nautique is available to help you find the best-priced LED underwater spotlight to equip your boat to your specifications.

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