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An autopilot is an electronic device that enables boats to maintain a predetermined course without human intervention. Modern autopilots are highly reliable devices, capable of maintaining the boat's course precisely, even in the most difficult conditions. These assistants are particularly useful on sailing boats like the raymarine ev 400 sail. They can help maintain the boat's heading while sails are being hoisted or lowered. They can also help keep the boat on course in changing wind conditions. Comptoir Nautique has put together a selection of the best models on the market.

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pilote automatique pour voilier

What is a autopilot for sailboats?

The autopilot for sailboats is a device that helps maintain a boat's course according to weather and sailing conditions. This equipment can be used for boats of all sizes, but is particularly useful for larger boats which can be difficult to maneuver.

This system, installed as a complement to manual piloting, offers different options to be used according to weather conditions, the length of the yacht... Cockpit pilots or in-board autopilots are available on the market. The autopilot cockpit autopilot acts as a direct control on the tiller or wheel, using a cylinder or belt driven by an electric motor. The inboard autopilot, on the other hand, acts directly on the tiller mechanism, with a connection to the tiller mains.

Why use a autopilot for sailboats?

The advantages are numerous. First and foremost, it reduces sailor fatigue, which is particularly important on long crossings. The helmsman no longer has to worry about whether the boat is on course.

He can concentrate on other tasks on the boat. The autopilot also makes it possible to maintain the boat's course more precisely and steadily, which can be very useful in certain cases (e.g. when there are strong currents).

It also comes in very handy when used in conjunction with other navigation systems (e.g. GPS), as it reduces navigational and human error.

pilote automatique st1000+

Pilote auto barre à roue pupitre

What are the options for a autopilot for sailboats?

The autopilot for sailboats usually consists of a fluxgate compass sensor or gyroscope, a rudder angle sensor, an electronics unit, a power unit and a control console.

  • The gyroscope detects changes in the boat's direction.
  • The computer then calculates the course the boat must take to stay on course.
  • The compass provides direction and course.
  • The electronic unit stores the course in memory and sends orders to the power unit, which acts on the helm to ensure that the boat follows the programmed course and sails in the right direction.

What equipment do I need for my sailboat?

A number of brands and marine accessories are developing autopilots for sailboats. Brands such as Raymarine and Simrad market several models. EV-100, EV-200 or EV-400, the options vary.

The autopilot Raymarine EV-400 offers precise results and course-keeping, regardless of sailing conditions or boat speed. TheEvolution EV100 Wheel from Raymarine is a autopilot designed for ST1000+ sailboats, and can steer boats up to 3 tons displacement.

Simrad also develops several models. Try the TP10 Tiller, reliable, powerful and high-performance. Control your autopilot in any situation. Sailboats over 10m can rely on the NAC-2 or NAC-3 Pack-Pilot, which connect all the necessary equipment together: the brains of the self-steering system Simrad.

Whether you have a tiller, cable wheel or chain steering system, as on Dufour sailboats, we have THE autopilot for your sailboat at the best price.

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