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Essential to reach an anchorage or to moor on a beach, the dinghy of your boat is a must and must be chosen with the greatest care.

Whether you're a rower or a motorboat, electric or thermal, a boater or a fisherman, ComptoirNautique.com has a selection of dinghies that will meet your needs. From the ultra light boat, to the powerful semi-rigid, from the motor without license until 6 CV, to the more imposing displacement, we propose you the best articles at the Best Price.

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Everything for the annex in this category. 

Many questions arise when buying a boat dinghy: which boat dinghy to choose? Which outboard motor is recommended for a dinghy? What power (hp or lbs)? Dinghy with rigid bottom, flat bottom, inflatable bottom?

You will find in our product selection and our buying guides as many answers, which will help you to choose the dinghy which will correspond best to your pleasure sailboat or your cruising boat. For example, we offer a range of packages with internal combustion engines, of different powers, associated with boats of various lengths in order to give you the widest choice.

Comptoir Nautique also offers Minn Kota electric sterndrives with a control handle, with a power of up to 112 Lbs, which must be associated with a BBS 12 or 24 volt battery.

Likewise, many accessories are available for the maintenance or transportation of your inflatable boat: from davits to easy-to-fit retractable wheels, from steering consoles to carrying bags.

You will be able to navigate peacefully, at high speed or by rowing, with gasoline or with the sweat of your brow, on the sea or in fresh water... with the guarantee to have made the best choice, at the best price.


Each category of this department offers you the essentials for your inflatable equipment and your dinghies, but also precious advice concerning the choice of your product and its maintenance. You will then know how to choose among the different capacity, length or range variations. 

We even have a complete buying guide for you on how to choose your dinghy, and you can find it here.

Our team of advisors, known for the quality and speed of their answers, will be able to provide you with more information on the technical characteristics, the manufacturer's warranty, or even on the available stock and delivery times.

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or via social networks.

Annexe gonflage et moteur essence

Annexe pneumatique bateau


Boat tenders are extra boats that can be used for a variety of situations, such as fishing or boating activities. They can be electric or internal combustion, and are generally available in a range of sizes and power ratings. Minn Kota is a brand of electric motor that will fit nicely on a dinghy, but our dinghy packages are usually made up of a dinghy and a Suzuki engine up to 4HP.

Electric tenders are battery-powered and have limited speed, while thermal tenders are gasoline-powered and can reach higher speeds. Electric tenders are generally quieter and more environmentally friendly, but require regular battery maintenance.

Tender engines are available in different types, lengths and power ratings, just like the internal combustion engines which are only sold in the tender + engine pack. 

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