Boat starter battery

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) starter batteries for boats are ideal for navigation. These batteries use a tempered glass wick to separate the positive and negative plates, and to retain the electrolyte. This reduces leakage and exhaust gases, and extends battery life. AGM batteries are also more resistant to vibration and shock, making them ideal for use in boats.
Lead-calcium boat batteries are also used to power the boat's electrical systems. Unlike lead-acid batteries, they use a calcium-based electrolyte instead of sulfuric acid. They offer solid starting power and are generally less expensive than AGM and lithium batteries. However, they tend to have a shorter life and can be susceptible to overcharging if not properly maintained.
Finally, lithium boat batteries are renowned for their light weight, high energy density and long life. They offer high starting power, rapid recharging and low self-discharge. What's more, lithium batteries are generally more compact and require less space on board. However, they are more expensive than other battery types, which may be a factor to consider.

Batterie de démarrage bateau - Comptoir Nautique
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Batterie de démarrage bateau


Starter batteries are used to start your boat's engine. They must provide a lot of starting power in a short period of time to effectively start the engine. Starter batteries are usually made of lead-acid, but AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and lithium batteries are also available on the market. The latter have advantages such as higher energy storage capacity and longer life, but are generally more expensive.

Service batteries, also known as utility batteries, are used to power your boat's electronic equipment, such as lights, radio and navigation instruments. These batteries must provide constant power over a longer period of time. Service batteries are usually made of lead acid, but AGM and lithium batteries are also available. AGM batteries have better discharge performance than traditional lead acid batteries.

It is important to consider the details of your application and electrical system, such as the size of the storage space available on your boat and the power requirements to choose the right type of battery. It is also important to consider the cost of the batteries and their lifespan to assess their total cost of ownership.

In summary, starting and service batteries are essential to ensure optimal and reliable operation of your boat. If you need help in choosing your battery, a question about stock status, prices, power and capacity or the dimensions of the battery required for your use you can contact our advisors who will be happy to assist you in your purchase, at the best price.

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