Rear electric motor - Fresh water

For a smooth and quiet approach to fresh water, the electric sterndrive will allow you to move around the water more discreetly than with a combustion engine. 

In this section, you will find our selection of freshwater sterndrive electric motors for boats, such as the Minn Kota traxxis, available in various power ratings, lengths and voltages.

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Moteur électrique arrière pour bateau eau douce


Complementary to the front electric motor used essentially to stabilize the boat in fresh water, the rear electric motor is purely a means of propulsion leading the fishing boat from point A to point B. It is frequently present on fishing boats or light tenders

In addition to the fact that it does not pollute the water, it allows a silent and discreet approach, conducive to the tracking of predators. The fish will not be frightened by the noise of the engine.

You will find in this category our selection of electric stern drives. You will have the choice between different driveshaft lengths, and different thrusts, as well as the most famous brands, such as Minn Kota and its very famous electric motors for fresh water boats.


Engine thrust is expressed in pounds, not in horsepower or watts. The amount of engine thrust required is determined by the weight of the boat when loaded. It is generally accepted that for every 100 lbs of loaded weight, 2 lbs of thrust are needed. All that remains is to convert the pounds into kilograms and the kg into lbs...

The more powerful the electric motor, the more voltage and/or battery it will need.

  • up to 55lbs of thrust: 12V, i.e. a battery
  • from 68 to 80 lbs of thrust: 24 V, i.e. 2 batteries
  • from 101 to 112 lbs of thrust: 36 V, i.e. 3 batteries

Please feel free to contact our team of experts if you have any questions about electric boat motors, prices, or delivery times.

Moteur arrière électrique eau douce bateau

You can refer to this table to choose the right rear electric motor for your boat:




up to 680 kg 30 Lbs 1 battery - 12 V
900 kg 40 - 45 Lbs 1 battery - 12 V
1100 kg 50 - 55 Lbs 1 battery - 12 V
1300 - 1500 kg 70 Lbs 2 batteries - 24 V
1800 kg 80 Lbs 2 batteries - 24 V
over 2000 kg 101 - 112 Lbs 3 batteries - 36 V
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