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The boat lights in this category can be powered or non-powered. Deck lights are used to illuminate the exterior areas of the boat, such as the deck and stern. They allow people on board to have a better visibility and to move safely at night.

Our range of floodlights includes LED, xenon and halogen floodlights. LED headlamps are ideal for lighting the deck of the boat, they consume little and have a very long life and can stay on for a long time. Halogen headlamps are more dedicated to the research at sea. Known for its high power, halogen lighting can light up to 500m for some, but the life of the lamp is lower than a LED bulb due to high energy consumption.

Our floodlights are specially designed to be used on boats. Waterproof, made of materials that are resistant to harsh conditions such as stainless steel, reinforced plastic, UV and spray resistant, etc.

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There are different types of deck lighting, such as spotlights, spotlights, pendant lights, etc.

Some deck lights are manual, meaning they have to be switched on and off manually. Others are automatic, switching on and off automatically according to ambient light conditions. There are also motorized deck lights, which can be oriented to illuminate different parts of the boat. Equipped with a motor integrated into the housing, they can be operated remotely from the cockpit. Be careful not to confuse deck lighting with boat navigation lights, which are used to be seen and to communicate your position at sea.

The lights can illuminate the living areas or accesses: stairs, ladder, pontoons to move at night, but are also used for research at sea and during navigation to light up the distance, it is called search lights, they project a powerful beam to scan the sea in search of danger, man overboard, etc..

Most of the boat lights can also be adapted for 4x4 vehicles or utility vehicles, as they are weatherproof, shockproof and vibration proof and suitable for intensive outdoor use.


There are several types of boat lights, each with specific features and uses. Some of the commonly used types include:

  • Halogen floodlights: These floodlights use a halogen bulb to produce light. They are generally affordable and easy to find, but have a shorter life span and use more energy than other types of projectors.
  • LED floodlights: These floodlights use light-emitting diodes to produce light. They generally have a longer lifespan and consume less energy than halogen floodlights. They can be white, but also colored for a personalized atmosphere.
  • Incandescent floodlights: These floodlights use incandescent filaments to produce light. Although they are no longer commonly used, some boat owners still prefer these lights for their warmth and warm light.

It is important to choose the type of spotlight that best suits the intended use of your boat, whether it is to remain lit for a long time to illuminate the deck or outdoor spaces or to do research at sea. It can be motorized, an integrated motor allows to direct it or manual or simply fixed.

The choice is vast, but our advisors are here to help you and guide you towards the product that will suit you. Do not hesitate to contact them for any questions regarding stocks, product characteristics and prices. 

Projecteur de pont, éclairage marin
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