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Fusion marine amplifiers are designed to withstand the marine climate. A boat amp is a must for any marine stereo owner who wants to add speakers or subwoofers to their boat. Available in a range of power ratings, from 500W to 2250W and in multiple channels, from 1 to 8 channels. You will find the amplifier that fits your boat and your desires at the specialist in the sale of marine electronics.

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How to choose a boat amp ?

The first question to ask is: how many speakers do I want to connect to my boat?

Boat amps have from 1 to 8 channels. One channel can usually drive up to 2 speakers connected in parallel or a subwoofer.

For example, the Apollo 4 1200W amplifier has 4 channels at 150W RMS (at 4 Ohms) and can therefore power a maximum of 8 speakers, i.e. 4 pairs of speakers connected in parallel or 2 pairs of speakers and a subwoofer.


Why get a special amplifier for my boat?

Fusion amplifiers are specially designed to withstand the conditions of marine navigation (salt spray, temperature, vibration and UV) and are therefore suitable for use on boats.

In addition, they are compatible with all Fusion equipment (speaker, subwoofer or marine stereo).


Different ranges for my marine amplifier:

Depending on your needs and your equipment, you will have to look at the features and options of each. 3 ranges of amplifiers can be distinguished:

  • High end with Apollo Class D models with Easy Tune option compatible with DSP fusion radios Apollo RA770, Apollo RA670, Apollo WB670 and MS-RA210
  • Mid-range for the Signature Class D aluminum alloy models ideal for harsh marine environments.
  • Low end with the AM Amps of class AB more greedy in energy, but quite as powerful


Easy Tune / Fusion Link:

The Easy Tune option is available only on the Apollo amplifier range and allows you to easily configure your Apollo marine amplifier without the need to fine-tune oradjust complexaudio settings .

Simply select the relevant DSP audio profiles in the Fusion-Link app on your compatible smartphone to tune and synchronize your amplifier for optimal audio reproduction. The audio settings will be adjusted automatically for the best possible sound quality.


Installation option and zone:

Only the Apollo amplifiers are delivered with a stand, the other Signature and AM amplifiers are to be fixed directly.

All amplifiers have the possibility to manage zones. So you can separate your speaker pairs into different zones and adjust the sound independently in the boat.

An example of use: The water ski boat which wishes to diffuse a music with strong volume for the practitioners on the water, and lower volume for the passengers, it will thus have 2 independent zones with adjustable volume via the stereo or the remote control of zone (not provided).

Guide de cablage fusion stereo / enceinte / ampli

Discover the different types of installation possible

With Fusion, a wide range of speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and cables are available to you. But how do you choose your equipment? What type of audio setup is right for you? 

Do you need 2, 4, 6, 8 speakers? Subwoofers? Do you need an amplifier in addition to your stereo?

In this guide you will find a sample installation panel, the corresponding wiring and answers to your questions about the Fusion world and product lines

Download the Merger Guide: typical installations


In this guide, you will find details about the EL, XS and Signature series LED speakers and subwoofers, but more importantly, you will learn about the various wiring and color management options of the LEDs with remote control, multi-function display, map plotter, etc.

Download the Fusion Guide: LED HP & SUB Wiring

guide de cablage enceinte et subwoofer à led
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