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Bilge pumps are devices used in navigation to evacuate water from the hold (the lower part of a ship) to keep the vessel afloat and prevent capsizing. They can be used in the event of water ingress into the hold, or to evacuate water that has accumulated in the hold during navigation. There are several types of bilge pumps designed to meet the most demanding situations. In our category, you'll find submersible bilge pumps, automatic bilge pumps with water level switches, manual bilge pumps, diaphragm bilge pumps and numerous accessories such as water level alarms, float switches, filters and much more. Don't hesitate to contact our support and technical teams for information on stock, products, prices, restocking and delivery.

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There are several types of bilge pumps, including submersible bilge pumps, automatic bilge pumps and manual bilge pumps.

  • Submersible bilge pumps: these are pumps that are installed inside the ship's hold and can be submerged in water to operate. They are usually powered by electricity and can be used to rapidly evacuate large quantities of water.
  • Automatic bilge pumps: these are pumps fitted with water level sensors or float switches, which switch on automatically when the water reaches a certain level. They can be used to continuously evacuate small quantities of water and keep the vessel afloat.
  • Manual bilge pumps: These are pumps that have to be operated manually in order to function. They are generally used in conjunction with other bilge pumps, and can be useful in the event of power or main pump failure.

It is important to have several bilge pumps on board a vessel and to keep them in good working order to ensure the safety of the vessel and crew in the event of a leak or other emergency.


Bilge pumps are essential equipment for any boat at sea. They remove the water that seeps into the boat's hull, ensuring buoyancy and safety. There are several types of bilge pump, including electric, manual and automatic.

Electric pumps, which run on electrical power supplied by the boat's engine, battery, solar panel or other energy-generating system. They are generally more powerful and faster than manual pumps, but require a power source to operate.

Manual pumps, on the other hand, require physical effort on the part of the user. They are generally lighter and easier to use, but require more effort to remove the water. There are foot pumps and hand pumps.

Submersible bilge pumps are also available, and are used to remove water seeping into the boat's hull in real time. A submersible bilge pump is generally electrically driven and automatic, triggering on its own when water above a certain level is detected.

Taking care of your bilge pump is essential. Regularly check bilge pump details such as float, filter and sensor to make sure it's working properly.

When it comes to accessories for bilge pumps, it's possible to find different types of hoses and fittings to suit different situations. You can also find accessories such as filters for certain diaphragm pumps, useful for filtering waste water or for shower outlets to prevent the accumulation of hair or soap, for example. You'll also find control panels for remote pump start-up and water level alarms.

If you have any doubts about your choice of pump, don't hesitate to contact our team, who will be delighted to help you make the right choice for your boat and application, and to reassure you about stock and delivery of your product.

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Bilge pump at Comptoir Nautique

Whatever your boat, find the ideal pump or accessory from our leading brands such as Whale, Tsunami, Attwood or Europump. All our products are in stock or available on request for fast delivery and shipment. A responsive after-sales service is also at your disposal for any installation or maintenance advice you may need.

Filtering pumps by flow rate, price, brand or type allows you to easily identify the most suitable solution for the type and size of your boat. Submersible pumps like the Attwood Sahara, for example, are ideal for small boats, as they require no complex installation, while electric centrifugal pumps are better suited to larger sailboats or motorboats.

Whether your boat is 5 or 15 meters long, a reliable bilge pump is an essential piece of equipment on board. On this page, you'll find all the details you need to choose the ideal pump for your bilge. You can be sure that our bilge pumps are designed to withstand the damp, salty environment of the bilge. Anti-corrosion materials, watertight seals and reliable electronic components ensure long-lasting marine use.

Order with confidence from Comptoir Nautique, where every product is carefully referenced to ensure quality and reliability. We understand the importance of fast shipping, which is why Comptoir Nautique ships in-stock products the same day before 2pm, so you can enjoy your new bilge pump as soon as possible.

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