Rigid cooler

Indispensable for any outdoor activity, the rigid cooler allows you to take your food, drinks, bait and fishing catch with you, whatever the weather conditions.  

The selection you will find here includes coolers specially designed for sea conditions. The coatings are treated against UV rays, the hinges are stainless and the materials are ultra resistant.

Glacière rigide
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Glacière rigide pour bateau et pêche


You will find various applications for them: in boat, sailboat... for marine activities, fishing, on the beach, camping or in your vehicle. All at the best price.

In addition to the differences in capacity and size, rigid coolers have various specificities. It is important to consider the context in which you will use your cooler when choosing one. Some offer classic insulation, for a light, portable and affordable cooler, while others have particularly advanced insulation and compartments that will keep food dry. What they all have in common, unlike an electric cooler, is that they are ultra portable, and not just on your boat.

All of them have in common that they can be used as a fishing tank, as an extra seat in your boat or at the water's edge and as a drink tank.

Drain valves or plugs allow the coolers to be emptied once the ice has melted, thus preserving what is stored inside.


Our selection of rigid coolers and their accessories will certainly present you the one you need. The brand Igloobrand, for example, offers coolers ranging from 23 to 142 liters, leaving a wide choice for every use.

Do not hesitate to contact our advisors, online or by phone, for any question related to prices, delivery or available stock.

Glacière rigide Igloo
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