Electric cooler for boat

Preserving your food, catch or bait is the primary mission of an electric cooler. They promise to keep them there for a long time, thanks to an active cooling system. Often equipped with a compressor, its insulating qualities coupled with its refrigeration system enable efficient cooling down to sub-zero temperatures.

In this category, you'll find the selection of electric coolers with a great quality-price ratio concocted by the Comptoir Nautique team.

Glacière électrique bateau - Comptoir Nautique

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Glacière électrique pour bateau et camping


Compatible with 12V and 24V batteries, our electric coolers can also be plugged into a 220V mains socket. This offers almost infinite autonomy, making them totally autonomous and mobile, making them portable coolers.

Most models feature LED screens, USB ports for cell phone charging, and baskets or compartments to organize your storage.

Available in this section, the portable electric cooler VFree from Vitrifrigo, is a perfect illustration of the technical features that such a product can offer. Very compact, available in different capacities, it has a powerful compressor and a non-contaminating coolant to cool efficiently between +10°C and -22°C. It can therefore be used as a freezer. They are available in a wide range of sizes: from 16 to 75 liters.

All our electric coolers are optimized for marine use. The materials used are particularly resistant to UV rays and weather conditions, and are designed with durability and quality in mind. So you won't hesitate to take them with you on all your outdoor activities: sailing, cruising, boating, but also camping, bivouacking, or in your converted vehicle, motorhome or caravan.


Much more portable than an on-board refrigerator, this type of compressor-electric cooler 's compact size makes it easy to fit into any space.

Our Comptoir Nautique advisors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about stock availability, price, delivery or essential accessories, and about all the details of the cooler you've chosen.

Glacière électrque
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