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Essential to your navigations, the marine GPS is often equipped with accessories such as an external GPS antenna, a remote keyboard, a flush mount kit ... Find here all the peripherals for your GPS plotter Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad, Furuno...

If you are looking for a Ram screen mount, a suction cup mount, a protective cover, a GPS cover or a bracket, please go to the"fishfinder accessories" section

At Comptoir Nautique, we offer you the widest choice of boat GPS accessories at the best price.

Accessoires gps fixe
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Accessoire gps fixe

Accessories for fixed GPS

Among the accessories for fixed GPS, we can find remote controls that will allow you to control your Furuno fixed GPS for example or Garmin GPSMAP multifunction screen and thus control the features of your device remotely.

Remote controls with wheels, joysticks or buttons make it easy to navigate menus or select screen functions. Fixed GPS remotes are versatile, compact and lightweight, and provide real convenience to the pilot.

You will also find embedding kits for your devices, it is the alternative to the support provided with some screens. Recessing your screen saves space, but requires some tools and work and makes the back of the device inaccessible without disassembly.

Finally, the power cables, antenna cable, extension cables are part of the useful accessories, troubleshooting or emergency in case of problems at sea, if you break down the sonar while fishing ... The cables are not only compatible but also identical to those supplied with the device.

To repair, improve and update your equipment with useful accessories for the pilot and the navigation.

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