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Take care of your new portable marine GPS or hiking GPS with the essential accessories: protective cover, motorcycle handlebar mount, cigarette lighter cable, spare battery...

Whatever accessory you are looking for for your Garmin handheld GPS, we have it at Comptoir Nautique.

Find the best accessories for portable GPS, what to charge your device with a universal cable, fix it on your boat, the dashboard of your vehicle with a suction cup mount or clamp support usually black to be discreet in your vehicle.

Make your choice among our selection of products compatible with your GPS whatever its screen, 3 inches, 5 inches, 2 inches and the type of fixation required, you will certainly find your happiness

Accessoires gps portable
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Accessories for portable GPS

The use of a portable GPS is practical, transportable. Its small size makes it an ally of choice for mopers. Whether it's a connected watch, a portable GPS map plotter or a hiking GPS, it can quickly be found in a bag, a pocket or hanging from a lanyard. To keep this type of portable device as efficient as possible, we offer a range of compatible accessories.

For all ranges: GPSMap, InReach, Montana, eTrex etc... You will be able to get pockets, power cable, support, or several batteries.

Indeed, duringlong hikes or sea outings, if you don't have the possibility to recharge your portable GPS, an additional battery already charged will be essential. In the same way, this type of GPS being very versatile, get mounting brackets, suction cup, glue etc. ... for your vehicles: boat, car ... So when you get back on the boat, you can attach the device to its support like a real fixed GPS by connecting it to a power cable cigarette lighter or USB.

Finally, the pouches, in addition to protecting your portable GPS from shocks during transport, will provide waterproof protection against rain or water immersion and sometimes even allow the GPS to float so you never lose it again.

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