Aerotherm for boat

Unit heaters are heating systems that use warm air to heat a space. They can be used in boats to provide heat to rooms, cabins and living spaces. Unit heaters are devices often used on larger boats, such as pleasure boats and cruise ships. They can also be used in converted vans, caravans and other land vehicle models.

Marine unit heaters are powered by engine power and the combustion of different types of fuels, such as gasoline, diesel or are electric. This device is used in addition to a water heater, like a car radiator it propels hot air. In other words, it transfers the heat from the water into the air through a fan system and a piping circuit. The temperature of the boat can be regulated by accessories such as temperature sensors, thermostat connected to the main heater etc... which adds multiple functions to your heating system 

Make your choice from our selection of boat heating products at the best price. Contact us for any technical question related to the use, the installation, or the choice of your unit heater or radiator in our range for the comfort on board of the boat. 

Aérotherme bateau - Comptoir Nautique
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