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Baiting boats have become a must-have tool for passionate anglers. These remote-controlled boats offer a range of benefits and features that make baiting and dispensing much easier when fishing. Baitboats are specially designed to meet the needs of anglers. They are generally made from durable, hard-wearing materials such as reinforced plastic, ensuring their longevity even in difficult conditions. Their aerodynamic shape and efficient propulsion system ensure smooth, precise navigation on the water, without disturbing the environment or frightening the fish. In this category, you'll find bait boats as well as accessories such as remote controls, batteries, deeper extender kits etc...

Bateaux amorceurs, télécommandes, accessoires
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Bateau amorceur dans l'eau

What is a priming boat?

A bait boat is a small remote-controlled boat specially designed to help anglers precisely place bait, bait or other objects in the water. It is used to facilitate fishing by enabling anglers toreach remote or hard-to-reachplaces from shore.

To use a bait boat, you must first load it with your bait. Then, using the remote control supplied, you can steer the boat through the water, choosing the direction and speed of travel. Once you've reached the desired location, you can trigger the release of the bait, which is then dispersed in the water. This attracts fish and encourages them to move closer to your fishing zone.

Criteria for choosing a priming boat

When comparing bait boats, there are a number of features to consider. For the Anatec brand in particular, here are a few points to consider:

  • Range: This is the maximum distance you can control the boat from the remote control. A longer range lets you explore more remote areas. For Anatec, the remote control range is up to 300m.
  • Battery life: It's important to know how long the boat can run before it needs recharging. A longer battery life means you can fish for longer periods without having to recharge frequently.
  • Battery type: Directly related to autonomy, priming boats can be fitted with two different types of battery: lead and lithium. Lithium batteries are always preferred over lead batteries, because of their greater autonomy (up to 120 min. vs. 90 min. for lead), shorter recharging time, lighter weight, low maintenance requirements, lower discharge rate, etc...
  • Load capacity: This refers to the amount of groundbait or bait the boat can carry. A higher load capacity allows you to carry more gear, which is useful if you're planning extended fishing sessions. Capacities range from 1.5kg to 5kg of transportable bait.
  • Speed: Some priming boats can reach higher speeds than others. If you want to lay down your groundbait quickly over a longer distance, a higher speed may be an important criterion.
  • Reliability and durability: It's essential to choose a quality priming boat that's resistant to water and outdoor conditions. Anatec boats are renowned for their reliability and durability.
remplissage du bac d'amorce - Bateau amorceur

télécommande pour bateau amorceur

Choosing a remote control for a priming boat

Anatec's bait boat remote controls are designed for precise, convenient boat control. Here's a look at three specific Anatec remote controls: the DE-104, the FLYSKY AN-I6X and the DE-SR07.

  • FLYSKY AN-I6X: The FLYSKY AN-I6X remote control is a top-of-the-range, versatile model. It features a clear, intuitive LCD screen displaying a wide range of useful information, such as bait boat battery status, channel in use... This remote control is compatible with Anatec priming boats, offering a range of over 300m and precise signal transmission. It features 10 channels and programmable functions, enabling users to adjust and personalize control parameters to suit their needs. This remote control is battery-operated, but consumes very little power.
  • DE-104: The DE-104 is a more compact and ergonomic option, the entry-level remote control for priming boats. It is specially designed for Anatec priming boats. Its intuitive design makes it easy to hold and provides a pleasant control experience. The DE-104 is equipped with well-positioned buttons and levers, enabling users to pilot the boat with precision. It has 3 communication channels and is battery-powered. It also offers long range and stable wireless communication with the boat.
  • DE-SR07: The DE-SR07 is a top-of-the-range remote control from Anatec. It features a high-quality TFT color display for enhanced visibility of control information. The DE-SR07 features a user-friendly interface with ergonomic buttons and joysticks for easy operation. The SR07 is battery-powered and has 8 channels. This remote control offers a variety of advanced features, such as the ability to store multiple baiting points and recall them at any time (with optional GPS Pilote Lake Skipper ).
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