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The Lowrance HDS Live 12" is the latest hybrid touchscreen + button HD display. Four programmable buttons, long and short presses, for eight available shortcuts. The HDS Live features the latest sonar technology: Chirp dual channel, Active Imaging 3 in 1, 3D Structure Scan compatibility... And even faster thanks to its quad-core processor.
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Screen size
Sounder technology
2D + Down + Side Imaging
Type of screen
Touch and Buttons
Our opinion
HDS Live
Device Compatibility
Video in camera, Ethernet, Multimedia, Autorouting, Bluetooth, AIS, Wifi, Radar
NMEA compatibility
NMEA 0183 + NMEA 2000
Power Sounder
Bathymetry Included
Easy to use
Fishing, Cruising
Type of product
GPS sounder

LOWRANCE - HDS LIVE 12" - Power, performance and high definition

Equipped with a very high definition SolarMax hybrid screen (multi-touch and keyboard), the HDS Live 12" combines ultra-intuitive GPS mapping, Wifi connectivity to duplicate the image on your smartphone or tablet, radar and AIS compatibility (depending on the optional devices connected), but above all, unparalleled sonar functions.



Unquestionably THE best fishfinder on the market! The HDS Live is equipped with a powerful CHIRP Dual Channel sonar module that will allow you to use the wide frequency ranges. Use a Low transducer for deep water, a Medium transducer for fishing areas from 80m to 200m, a High transducer for shallow water from 0m to 80m.

With the technology CHIRP, benefit from:

  • Denser information and sharper image in high resolution
  • Excellent target separation, sharper rendering of fish arches
  • Better bottom tracking and high speed fish detection


The exclusive Lowrance DownScan Imaging innovation provides a clear picture of the underwater world with its 455/800 kHz frequency. No need to interpret for :

  • See thermoclines: boundary between water layers and oxygen-rich zones.
  • Identify the fish: no room for interpretation, it identifies clearly.
  • Reveal the structures: wrecks, vegetation, bridge pillars, dead bodies...

The Trackback™ feature will allow you to easily scroll through the sonar history to review the bottom structure and zoom in on the target. Save a waypoint on the chart to quickly find that location.




The Lowrance Side Scan Imaging feature gives you an image of the sides of the boat, not the plumb line. This sonar has a 50-meter range on each side.

This technology offers you a frequency of 455/800 kHz. This provides ultra-high resolution images of fish and submerged structures on either side of your boat's hull. This feature allows you to locate fishing areas more quickly with an extremely wide 180° scan field.


The three-dimensional views, represented as images, allow fishermen to better understand the structure of the bottom and where the fish are in relation to their boat.

  • Unmatched SideScan image clarity
  • 3D wide angle and high definition (HD) scanning
  • Overlay of waypoints and fish echoes

The image reveals structures such as rocks, wrecks and other natural fish habitats at much higher frequencies that will literally strafe the bottom and give you an almost photographic image of the bottom. This technology is really effective down to 80 meters (230 feet) depending on the environment.

* Requires the 3D Structure Scan module.


HDS LIVE 7 broadband halo.jpg


The radar is useful to know the surrounding fixed or mobile elements (buoys, reefs, boats...) and thus avoid collisions. It allows you to position yourself and to know the speed of the boat. It is very useful during the day and at night.

Navigate safely by connecting a Lowrance radome to your display. The HDS Live is compatible with the Lowrance radar family.

Learn more at compatible Lowrance radar antennas.


The built-in GPS antenna is extremely accurate. Enjoy detailed mapping with the unit's high resolution. You can view Navionics Platinum/Gold maps and Genesis Live CMAPs for added accuracy.

HDS LIVE also provides automatic routing support for detailed real-time routes.

Enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity to duplicate the image on your smartphone or tablet. You can also receive your SMS or call directly on your HDS LIVE.

Ensure safe travel and avoid collisions with compatibility AIS. Targets AIS can be displayed on the map and on radar images. You can set alarms for target closure or loss.

The navigation map is not supplied with the HDS LIVE


HDS LIVE 7 broadband halo.jpg


ActiveTarget offers unparalleled clarity and detail, eliminating the guesswork that a traditional sonar can provide.

Find out how and where the fish are placed and identify the direction of their movement.

Active Target combines three high-resolution views:

  • View Forward: Follow the fish in front of the boat 
  • View Down: Determine what is directly below your probe
  • Scout View: Get a live wide view in front of your probe to quickly see what's around it.

Probe and Active Target module optional.

How to choose your deep sea probe

TM185MB175LB275LH WideM135M
TYPE OF ASSEMBLY Rear panel Through and through flush Through-hole with shoe Inside to be glued
POWER 1 000 W 1 000 W 1 000 W 1 000 W
FREQUENCIES 85-135 kHz 40-60 kHz Low: 42-65 kHz
High: 150-250 kHz
85-135 kHz
(Manufacturer's data)
457 m 762 m 914 m (42-65 kHz)
152 m (150-250 kHz)
457 m
FUNCTIONS Depth & temperature Depth
BEAM WIDTH 11° à 16° 21° à 32° 16° to 25° (42-65 kHz)
25° (150-250 kHz)
11° à 16°
DIAMETER Ø 95 mm Ø 33 mm


  • Voltage: 10 - 17V
  • IPX6 and IPX7 sealing
  • HDMI output and USB port
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 px
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years
  • NMEA0183/NMEA2000 compatibility
  • Dimensions: 347.5 x 83 x 228.5 mm


  • 1 - Lowrance HDS LIVE 12" display
  • 1 - Screen cover
  • 1 - Mounting bracket
  • 1 - Documentation in PDF
  • 1 - Power cord
  • 1 - Probe (depending on model)


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