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  • Groupe électrogène marin IS 2.6 monophasé 2kW - N°1 - comptoirnautique.com
  • Groupe électrogène marin IS 2.6 monophasé 2kW - N°1 - comptoirnautique.com

Marine generator IS 2.6 single phase 2kW

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The IS 2.6 generator set is designed for navigation. Equipped with an extremely reliable, 3000 rpm, water-cooled diesel engine, noise emissions are reduced by careful insulation of the hood and soundproofing of the exhaust system.

The protection against external aggressions has been particularly studied, as well as the protection of the motor and the electrical circuits against the risks of overload and overheating, with the installation of a safety shutdown system in case of malfunction.

Delivered with CBU panel GS921+ 10m cable as standard

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The unit must be installed in a room with sufficient ventilation to provide combustion air. The room must be insulated to preserve the quietness of the living spaces. The engine of the generating set is cooled by an open circuit in which sea water circulates. The seawater supply circuit must be made during the installation, as well as the evacuation circuit of the water/combustion gas mixture. 

panneau déporté pour groupe electrogene mase


The IS 2.6 marine generator set is supplied with a CBU digital control panel, complete with communication and 10m of cable:

Display current data:

  • Hour meter
  • Output voltage
  • Starting battery voltage
  • Voltage of the service batteries
  • Frequency
  • Time/date


  • High engine temperature
  • High generator temperature
  • Low oil pressure
  • Under battery voltage
  • Under and over frequency


Entirely made of Marine Aluminium, it offers a very high resistance to external agents combined with a pleasant design. With an extremely low weight (only 80kg), it offers easy access to the internal room, which facilitates maintenance operations, even if the rooms are small.

The cooling system of the generator set is provided by a heat exchanger (water/air). Its function is to reduce the temperature of the air circulating inside the soundproof box.

The air and water flows ensure efficient cooling, maintaining an optimal temperature for the performance and reliability of the generator set. The system has the advantage of guaranteeing the best operating conditions for the generator set regardless of the temperature of the installation room.

schema groupe electrogene marine mase 2.6


  • Weight : 80kg
  • Ø Gas outlet : 45mm
  • Max power : 2kW
  • Rated power: 1.7kW
  • Sound level 7m : 54dB (A)
  • Engine: YANMAR 1 cyl. 4,2CV
  • Ø diesel : 8mm / Ø water : 16 mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 500x380x465 mm
  • Automatic shutdown of the unit with safety devices
  • INTERCOOLER system (sea water cooling)


  • 1 - IS 2.6 generator set
  • 1 - Remote control panel
  • 1 - Cable 10m
  • 1 - Documentation in PDF

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