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Blue Sea Systems, a reference in marine electrical systems Blue Sea Systems is a brand renowned for its innovative and durable marine electrical systems. Present in our stock with numerous references, Blue Sea Systems offers standard products such as batteries, fuses, circuit breakers and LEDs, as well as complete electrical panels.

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Blue Sea Systems is renowned for the manufacturing quality of its waterproof electrical products, and guarantees competitive prices on all its references. Their extensive range makes it easy to find the right solution for your needs, depending on the type of boat power supply, the number of amps or volts required, and the type of boat.

Whether you're looking to protect your installation with certified marine fuses, circuit breakers, switches and power cables, or enhance your boat's lighting with waterproof LEDs, Blue Sea Systems products will always be a safe and durable choice. Their proven technology also makes them a safe bet for energy management and distribution, with their compact, aesthetic switchboards.

Whether you need a simple battery, a circuit breaker or a turnkey solution, Comptoir Nautique can advise you and supply you with the Blue Sea Systems part numbers you need for your project. Our permanent stocks and optimized logistics service also guarantee fast delivery times and careful packaging. Blue Sea Systems, with its proven electrical innovations, is a sure bet for your boat's equipment. Contact our team for advice and quotations on these products.

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