Communication and radio

VHF allows you to link boat to boat, boat to coastal stations (CROSS, semaphores, harbormasters' offices), receive weather reports, and send safety and distress messages even without a network, with the garmin inreach mini for example... Depending on the portable or fixed model, transmission power and antenna height limit range. Since 01/07/2017,the new division 240 requires the presence of a fixed VHF on board for any navigation beyond 6mn from a shelter, and now requires a fixed VHF + a portable VHF for navigation beyond 60mn. To find out more, consult our technical guide to VHF boats

With a transceiver AIS become visible on the water and see the surrounding boats also equipped with transponder AIS. The transponder AIS can be in the form of BlackBox as the raymarine AIS 650 or integrated into the radio for more convenience as the VHF RT1050 AIS.

VHF RT411+
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