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The Comptoir Nautique team offers you a selection of manual or electric fishing winches. We have also selected for you the best accessories to facilitate the installation of the winch you have chosen.

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How to choose your fishing winch?

Cannon winches are available in several models to suit all budgets. The manual winches, fitted with a crank handle, are ideal for occasional use, while the electric winches are more suited to performance-oriented anglers. 

Electric winches fall into 2 categories: the Optimum series connected winches that connect to your Humminbird handset or smartphone for remote operation. And the Magnum series, non-connected with an analog button for effortless bait raising and lowering.

Is connectivity with my boat possible?

If you're a high-level fishing enthusiast and want an all-in-one winch, the Optimum series is for you. You'll need a compatible Humminbird handset to take advantage of all the options available on these models.

  • The bottom tracking feature will allow you to program a maximum distance for your bait using your Humminbird's probe. The winch will automatically adapt to the depth of the bottom.
  • The depth cycle option will be useful to set a winch up and down cycle at desired speed to simulate swimming and thus attract more prey. 
  • The synchronization between your different Winches will give you the possibility to wind them all together or separately at regular intervals.

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What are the differences between a Magnum and Optimum electric winch?

In addition to the various connectivity options of Optimum winches, their ability to connect to your compatible Humminbird handset or smartphone, the Optimum winch features digital control and a small LCD screen.

It not only displays information such as descent speed and length of cable unwound, but also allows you to program cycles: simply select your cycle depth, reach and speed, and your winch will do the rest.

Magnum winches don't have a screen, but an analog button for raising and lowering the cable.

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