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Batteries are essential for your boat's energy supply. But to recharge them, you'll need several sources of energy (solar panels, wind turbines), or even several different batteries.
Comptoir Nautique can help you extend the life of your marine batteries with our dedicated products: circuit breakers, battery managers, charge distributors...
Energy storage can't be improvised! Take care of your batteries! 

For your sailboat, motorboat, pleasure boat or electric boat, equip yourself with batteries, battery chargers and other elements essential to the creation of your energy production and storage circuit.

On our website, you'll find all marine battery technologies for boats( servicebatteries, starter batteries...), all stock and models at the best prices.

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Batterie marine et accessoires de stockage d'énergie


Energy storage on a boat is a fundamental element. It contributes, in its own way, to the level of safety and comfort on board, by powering the navigation devices and life accessories. 

Batteries can be subject to wide variations in voltage, and to periods of charging and discharging, so they need to be managed intelligently and electronically to optimize their performance and preserve their lifespan. Respecting charge and discharge cycles is very important to avoid damaging the boat's batteries.

What's more, a boat's electrical system needs to be able to accommodate several batteries and several recharging sources: engine battery (or starter battery), service battery, renewable energies (solar energy, wind power, etc.), hydrogenerator, etc. That's why we've put together a selection of charge distributors, relays (or separators), controllers and, above all, batteries.

This is also where you'll find battery accessories, including battery isolators, keyed circuit breakers, and battery couplers.


This is also where you'll find the various marine battery technologies: lithium ion, lead calcium, AGM and hybrid gel batteries. 

Each having specific characteristics, marine batteries can have distinct roles on the boat: 

  • The starting battery (or motor battery) is dedicated to the use of the motor. It must provide, in a very short time, enough current to start the engine. It will then be recharged by the alternator, as long as the engine is running.
  • The service battery is dedicated to powering the electrical peripherals: instrumentation, autopilot, heating, refrigerator, etc. This battery must provide power throughout the navigation. This battery must provide power during the entire navigation period. In the case of sailing, it can be connected to various energy generators (wind turbine, hydrogenerator or solar panel).

With or without maintenance, your vessel's battery system needs to be treated with the utmost care to ensure power, stable, reliable performance and, above all, sufficient electricity on your boat.

Batteries marines

Batteries marines dans un bateau


Marine batteries are specially designed for use on board a boat (lithium, lead calcium, AGM or hybrid gel batteries). They are generally more resistant to shock, vibration and humidity than ordinary batteries, enabling them to withstand the harsh conditions encountered at sea.

An energy controller is a piece of equipment used to monitor and control the use of electrical energy on board a boat. It can be used to measure the amount of electricity produced, the amount of electricity used by electrical appliances, and the amount of electricity stored in batteries.

A charge distributor is a device used to distribute the electricity generated by solar panels, wind turbines, etc. equally between the boat's batteries. This ensures that all batteries are equally charged and that electrical energy is optimally utilized.

A battery separator is used to separate the boat's various batteries into distinct groups and use them independently of each other. This ensures that the energy generated by solar panels, for example, is used to power essential electrical appliances, such as lights and navigation instruments, rather than entertainment devices, such as televisions and radios. 

A circuit breaker cuts off the power supply to a circuit in the event of an overload or short-circuit. Essential to protect the boat's batteries and other electrical components from damage caused by overcurrent.

In short, marine batteries, charge dividers, battery separators and circuit breakers are all important equipment for ensuring the safe operation of electrical systems on board a boat.

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