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Silent and discreet, electric motors know how to be forgotten without putting aside their efficiency. Electric thrusters are ideal for getting around fishing areas at sea and approaching fish without fear of scaring them away. Comptoir Nautique has selected the best products for you.

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The electric motor, numerous advantages

Both for propulsion and maintenance, the electric motor requires little maintenance and has the lowest operating costs. Its operation allows a reduction of noise during navigation. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, it can even offer an interesting energy independence. In case of electric accumulators or non-rechargeable batteries, it becomes necessary to go regularly to the port to charge the batteries and avoid unpleasant surprises at sea. No tank for fuel, the system is clean and odorless, just take into account that charging the batteries is a little longer than filling up with gas. And of course, it is always possible to navigate with a backup battery.

The electric motor is rather designed for boats not exceeding 3 meters even if some manufacturers tend to expand their offers. The electric motor, which is intended to be used at sea, is ideal for environmentally conscious sailors who like to cover short distances in calm conditions without speed being a priority.

In addition to electric motors, there are internal combustion engines, which are often more powerful but less efficient. This type of engine is more suitable for large boats, for navigation in waters with strong currents, for long distances or simply for vessels that want to enjoy speed.

A rear engine, various functionalities

The electric motor is sometimes installed on the bow, on a base or on the transom. 

Depending on the size of your boat, you can use the sterndrive as your main engine or as a backup if your boat is larger. A sterndrive is useful in salt water, for stabilizing the boat in current, for navigating shallow water or for trolling. The electric motors installed on a boat that sails in the marine environment contain parts that are treated to resist marine erosion. These motors are usually white in color and are also more powerful than freshwater motors, so they can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Electric motors can be adapted to the profile of the boat: fishing boats, barques or pleasure boats can be equipped. Before choosing a stern drive, it is advisable to think carefully about the use you want to make of your boat, the weight of the boat, the weight of the equipment on board, the weight of the passengers and the length of the boat. 

Trust the Minn Kota brand and equip your boat with an electric sterndrive for your sea trips.

minn kota moteur arriere mer
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