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For better control of the boat, its drift and change of direction while fishing, and to get closer to the fish in silence... the front motor is a good option. At sea, propel your boat with the front electric motor pulling the boat rather than the rear motor pushing it. There is a wide variety of electric bow motors for use in salt water. Comptoir Nautique offers you its selection. Make your choice among our electric motors equipped with the best technology: iPilot like the Minn Kota Riptide Terrova BT, iPilot Link etc...

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Front or rear engine?

Minn Kota Riptide or Moteur FORCE kraken Blanc marine electric motors are designed for saltwater use and offer quiet, efficient performance. They are available in several models, each with different features to meet anglers' needs.

Bow motors are mounted on the bow of the boat and feature a wide range of functions. Unlike electric sterndrives, which are generally used for moving around, bowdrives (or geostationary motors) are a concentrate of technology. In addition to allowing the user to move silently while fishing, MinnKota motors equipped with intelligent iPilot functions (or iPilot Link for the most advanced) can, for example, be controlled via gps sounder or wireless remote control, some motors can follow predefined routes, stabilize the boat automatically (spotlock) and much more.

For example, the Riptide Ulterra BT model is available with the i-Pilot system. This model also has an electric lift function for the motor, which makes it much easier to handle the motor when not in use.

The front engine, for an unequalled fishing comfort

The front engine is attached to the boat. It may be necessary to provide electrical wiring accordingly, a front platform and a seat for more comfort. The position of the front engine is interesting for sea fishing sessions. It becomes easy to move the boat a few meters without having to move on the boat, very convenient to hold the fishing rod and not lose sight of the fish.

moteur avant mer minn kota

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What are the criteria for an offshore engine?

For use at sea, choose materials that are treated against corrosion. You will also have to choose the weight and length of the motor, which will determine the necessary power. The thrust of the front engine is one of the most important criteria to take into account, if it is too low, the engine will struggle to pull the boat, too excessive, it could add weight and unnecessary costs. 

Also pay attention to the length of the bow, to the place you have for the future installation of your front engine and its battery. You can also choose a removable or non-removable support, on a rigid or semi-rigid hull. Choose the control system that suits you: electric foot control, hand control, wireless, it's up to you! The length of the motor shaft is another consideration. Too short a length could prevent the propeller from being completely submerged, too long a length could cause you to hit the bottom if you're sailing in shallow water.

Options can be provided such as a fishfinder connection, remote control, and a keel-mounted transducer. Minn Kota models often have built-in slides for easy removal of the motor. 

To get the most out of your front engine, maintain it regularly! 

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