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BSR is a specialist brand for lithium batteries in France. BSR offers a wide range of batteries, lithium batteries that are becoming increasingly popular due to their lightness, durability and ability to deliver constant power.
In all sizes you'll find 12v batteries like the BSR Eco LifePo4 12V-50A lithium suitcase, but also 24v batteries with 1 motor output, the largest model has 1 motor output and 2 outputs for your other sonar-type equipment, such as the BSR Prestige LifePo4 Gen2 36V-100A lithium suitcase.
BSR designs batteries in the form of a suitcase, transportable and practical to accompany your fishing sessions by powering your equipment, sounder, minn kota front motor in a durable and safe way.

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banniere marque batterie BSR

BSR is a brand known for its lithium battery cases specifically designed for Minn Kota, Garmin Force, Lowrance Ghost... fishfinders and electric motors. BSR offers solutions for every type of use. Their lithium case batteries are designed to provide reliable, long-lasting power for fishing equipment such as fishfinders and electric motors. These batteries are often compact, lightweight and easy to transport, offering a practical solution for fishing enthusiasts.

BSR is a battery specialist in France, focusing on quality, reliability and innovation. Their expertise in the field of batteries enables them to offer products adapted to the specific needs of users. Their batteries are available in a wide range of powers and voltages, with one or more outputs depending on the number of devices to be connected.

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