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Dive into the exciting world of SEVEN BASS DESIGN, CLEE's flagship brand dedicated to the boating industry. Since 1995, this French company based in Bordeaux has been a major player in the creation and distribution of fishing equipment adapted to modern, active techniques. With over 30 float tube models and more than 60 different references, SEVEN BASS DESIGN offers you a breath of fresh air to live your passion to the full. Their revolutionary innovations, such as the stand-up dropstitch and the motor mount for electric motors, have left their mark on the industry. With SEVEN BASS DESIGN, discover excellence and push the limits of your fishing adventures.

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SEVEN BASS DESIGN is the brand of the CLEE COMPANY dedicated to the nautical world.

Created in 1995, this French company located in Bordeaux is an essential element in the field of creation and distribution of fishing equipment for all modern and active techniques.

The CLEE company, designs and develops float tubes since 2009. In many cases, the main products that are currently setting new trends for anglers have been launched through our brand SEVEN BASS DESIGN.

With SEVEN BASS DESIGN, there are more than 30 models of float tubes, distributed on more than 60 different references which will bring you like a breath of fresh air reminding you that there is nothing more important than your passion.

The history of the creation of the CLEE company:

  • 2011: First tubeless PVC float tube in Europe : ARMADA.
  • 2012: First PVC rowing boat without air chamber in Europe : COBRA.
  • 2014: Introduction by SEVEN BASS DESIGN of the dropstitch in Europe, allowing to stand up: JUNGLE OPERATOR.
  • 2015: First float tube in Europe with motor support for electric motor : SKULLWAY.
  • 2016: World first with the introduction of the BOLT apron system, and the FLEX system of removable multi-space panniers: BOLT.
  • 2017 :
    • Introduction of cordura float tube with oars: ADVANCE series.
    • Introduction of float tube called W : TOMAHAWK.
    • World first with the introduction of the CLIPLINE system, the ultimate evolution of the FLEX system.
  • 2018: This year was crowned at the EFTTEX in Amsterdam with the INNOVATION OF THE YEAR Award for the 2018-19 season for its JUNGLE OPERATOR FLEX which is now Plug&Go Ready.
  • 2019 SEVEN BAS DESIGN has been awarded 2 prizes at the EFTTEX in Brussels this year:
  • For the 2019-20 season for its FLATFORM JUNIOR.
  • 2020: SEVEN BASS DESIGN signs a co-branding partnership with BASS BRIGADE, the American brand based in Modesto, California. This collaboration leads to the creation of 2 exclusive models signed BRGD
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