A headlamp is a handy little accessory for navigating at night, fishing or enjoying nocturnal outings at sea. Comptoir Nautique offers a range of models to accompany you on all your outings. 

You'll find Petzl brand products such as the Actik and Actik Core headlamps.
What's more, all Petzl watches feature the Hybrid Concept construction, which allows them to accommodate either 3 AAA/LR03 batteries or the Core rechargeable battery

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Lampe frontale navigation nuit

Lighting up for night sailing

Do you like going out at night? Sea fishing or outdoor activities at night are great fun if you're feeling adventurous.

If the moon and the stars accompany you during your navigation, do not count on them to enlighten you.

Quality equipment, such as headlamps, headtorches or flashlights, will ensure your visibility.

Hands-free thanks to the headlamp's elastic headband.

A flashlight is not the most suitable accessory, since you may need to use both hands when fishing or manoeuvring at night. 

Here's why a waterproof headlamp might be a good idea.

Technical characteristics to choose a headlamp

  • Ergonomics is a point to consider when choosing your lamp.

Choose a headlamp model that is practical, easy to use and adapted to your morphology. This type of lighting should be light and easy to attach to your head. Models with adjustable headbands are perfect for adapting to the head size of the light wearer, the whole family can enjoy the headlamp. Prefer a model with a flexible headband, it will be more comfortable to wear.

  • The power of the lamp is a criterion not to be neglected.

Lamps incorporating 4 adjustable LEDs offer wide visibility and let you see over long distances, which is particularly pleasant and reassuring. The luminosity of a lamp is expressed in lumen, which corresponds to the total quantity of light visible in a beam of light. You'll find models with different wattages: 100 lumens, 1000 lumens, 5000 lumens... It's often advisable to opt for wattages above 1000 lumens, as they offer great visibility. However, if you don't want to spook the fish, you can opt for a less powerful light source, or watches with a red light that preserves your night vision without dazzling too much.

  • Autonomy is an important feature.

Choose a model that allows you to go out on the water without worrying about running out of light. If your lamp is rechargeable, you should be able to set the intensity of the light. LEDs often offer interesting options, they are more energy efficient for the same brightness.

  • The charging method may vary from one model to another.

Some headlamps are battery-powered, while others have a rechargeable battery that can be recharged via a USB cable or wall charger. 

A rechargeable headlamp is a good idea if you can't be bothered changing batteries.

There's also a rechargeable Core battery that fits several Petzl models. It recharges via Micro USB and will be useful as an emergency battery.

  • Waterproofing is not to be taken lightly.

A good headlamp should not let you down during bad weather and should be water resistant and rain proof. Some models can suffer from salt water, so rinse them regularly with fresh water to keep them longer. 

Discover the best headlamp models for your sea outings. Take a look at our selection and our stock of headlamps at Comptoir nautique! 

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