Circuit breakers and differentials

Comptoir Nautique offers you a wide range of thermal circuit breakers for boats at the best prices and with different amperages. Built-in thermal circuit breakers or surface-mounted thermal circuit breakers ranging from 10A to 200A will allow you to ensure the protection of your guide rails and electric motors on your boats.

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Circuit breakers and differentials
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installation électrique disjoncteur thermique différentiel bateau

Thermal and differential circuit breakers for boats

Electrical safety is essential on a ship, a breakdown can happen quickly and its consequences can be serious. The electrical protection must be of good quality. It is therefore important to have a circuit breaker for a boat as soon as an electrical installation is present on board.

A circuit breaker automatically and immediately shuts off an electrical circuit that is overloaded or faulty.

The circuit breakers offered by Comptoir Nautique are designed for recreational use of all boats, whether motorized or sailing. Thesethermal circuit breakers are specially designed for sailing, as they are waterproof.

Various differential circuit breakers exist for different types of circuits, alternating or direct current and different voltages (12V, 24V, 110V, 220V etc...). Comptoir Nautique recommends choosing a thermal differential circuit breaker for a 110 or 220V circuit.

Comptoir Nautique offers several thermal circuit breakers ranging from 10 to 200 amps depending on your needs and your electrical installation in your boat.

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