Blackbox sounder

As well used by professionals as by boaters, these modules connect to your multifunction display to use more powerful probes. This allows for better target discrimination thanks to DownScan, SideScan, 360° technologies... but also 3D views etc... To improve your sea trips, choose the blackbox fishfinder modules. 

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Qu'est ce qu'un module sondeur blackbox

What is a BlackBox fishfinder module?

A fishfinder module or "Blackbox" is a device connected to your multifunction display via a network cable. Give it additional functions such as the display of the 3D background, or a power booster allowing the use of more powerful sounder 1000W, 2000W, 3000W....

The Probe Modules are divided into 3 categories:

  • The Garmin LVS32 / LVS34 real-time scanning fishfinders are considered the gold standard. For Humminbird owners, opt for the Mega Live and Active Target for Lowrance displays.
  • The 120° Scan 3D Box like the DFF3D allows the NavNet TZtouch or TZtouch2 multifunction display to be converted to a 120-degree multi-beam sounder.
  • Booster modules, 1000W or more, allow you to use more powerful probes on your equipment.

Real-time sounders

The Garmin LVS34 and LVS32 fishfinders, along with their Garmin GLS10 sonar module, provide a real-time view of the ocean floor. No fish will escape this scanning sounder that will show you an accurate, clear, full-color sonar image of everything ahead and below the boat to ~60m.

The technology LIVESCOPE DOWN, will show you what's going on under the hull of the boat, LIVESCOPE FORWARD what's going on at the front of the boat and LIVESCOPE PERSPECTIVE is useful to probe in front of the boat with a wider angle.

The black box GLS10 is an essential accessory for the use of LVS probes.

Sondeur temps réel IMAGE VIVID

Sondeur black box relief 3D

3D multibeam blackbox sounder

Some sonar modules add features to your compatible MFD.

This is the case with the Furuno DFF3D 3D box, which adds a 3D function that displays the relief of the bottom: middle, port and starboard. This triple-beam echosounder displays the relief to the left and right of the ship at 120° with a simple and intuitive color-coded image according to depth.

You will also have the option of adding a motion sensor that stabilizes the display of images even in difficult weather conditions.

Power Booster Sounder Module

Some devices such as GPS Fishfinders or multifunction displays are not compatible with high power probes 1kW or more. A blackbox will allow you to boost the sonar performance in order to detect by the deep, to probe at greater depths, to improve the detection of fish... 

An external fishfinder module can be used to add a powerful multi-channel Chirp fishfinder, taking fishing to the next level by using Downvision or Sidevision technology.

The Blackbox sounder offers a wider choice of compatible transducers and technology for your multifunction display, GPS sounder handset, etc...

Sondeur booster de puissance
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