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The main innovation of the last few years, the forward sonar allows you to see what is happening in front of the bow of your boat: rocks, shoals, semi-submerged content. A must for your safety at sea. Only Garmin with the PS51 and Simrad with the Forwardscan offer this solution on the market. 

The bow-mounted sounder can also be used to view fish around the boat, as with the Panoptix PS31, particularly appreciated by tuna fishermen. The Livescope LVS32, or the Livescope LVS64xr mounted on a rotating pole or the base of an electric motor, will scan the water column as a 360° sounder. No more excuses for going home empty-handed!

Find our forward-looking fishfinder models at the best price. Recognized brands: Garmin, Humminbird, Simrad Lowrance... at Comptoir Nautique the marine electronics specialist.

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sondeur vers l'avant


You've heard of a forward-looking sonar, or Livescope Forward, Forward Scan... But what is a forward scanner? 

The forward sounder is divided into 3 groups:

  • Live fishfinders that offer a real-time fishfinder view. See your lure, your fish and your prey in live.
  • Forward looking "anti-grounding" fishfinders. Very useful to navigate safely in unknown areas or to find the ideal anchorage. They allow you to see the bottom ahead of the boat in real time.
  • Fishfinders for sea fishing. Ideal for tuna fishing to always cast your lure in the right direction and not miss the fish.

What is a real time sounder?

LVS32, LVS34, LVS62XR or Mega Live Sounders are LIVE or real time sounders that offer unmatched clarity and image quality. 

These are scanning fishfinders that allow you to see in real time what's happening ahead of the boat (Forward view), but also under the boat (Down view). Unlike a conventional fishfinder that has a time lag between what you see on the screen and what's happening in front of or under the boat, a LIVE sounder displays live with an HD image.

You'll be able to follow your lure down and even see when a fish has taken the bait.

The images refresh instantly, even when stationary. It's impossible to miss any detail of what's happening underwater.

A real time sounder can be mounted on the hull of the boat (transom, through-hull) but also on a pole depending on your type of fishing and even on a front electric motor ... Many accessories are available for mounting your real time sounder.

sondeur live temps réel forward

sondeur vers l'avant anti échouage

Anti-fouling forward sounder

A bow sounder will allow you to see the bottom as you move forward, in real time. It will detect hazards such as a sudden rise in the bottom, rocks, etc. that could damage the keel of your sailboat. Also useful for finding the ideal anchorage. 

The PS51-TH with FRONTVÜ technology will provide real added safety when navigating at slow speeds. It will allow you to avoid obstacles in unknown waters.

During the navigation you will have on your screen a live view of the bottom in front of the boat, the depth and the danger zones, allowing you to anticipate a maneuver.

Of course, you can also see the fish on your multi-function displays with this transducer and the LiveVü Forward mode.

Forward-looking fishfinder for sea fishing

Ideal for tuna fishing, the PS31 Forward sounder will be very useful when fishing for grayling. Once your bait mixture is dropped into the water, all you have to do is wait for your prey to follow the trail of fish back to the boat where you will wait with your lines. 

The probe will allow you to follow the lure with your lure so that it is always located in the baiting area, but also to see the fish appear and be able to bait them with your lure or jig right under their nose.

sondeur ps31 vers l'avant spécial pêche en mer
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